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  1. Hello Marty, welcome to Aussie Arcade.
  2. Hello DiceDog, Welcome back to Aussie Arcade.
  3. Hello SugoiHige, welcome to Aussie Arcade. Back in the day I thought candy cabs were cheap looking plastic crap far inferior to classic 80's style ones, I also thought pinballs were for old fogies who grew up in the fifties. But times change as does ones views I guess and I can now see it was an improvement of somewhat in design, as for pinball machines, I now think they are just as good, perhaps even superior than arcades.
  4. Hello Steve , Welcome to Aussie Arcade.
  5. Hello Philyoresky, welcome to Aussie Arcade.
  6. Happy retirement dragonlee, I certainly appreciate the opportunity you gave me to buy the Frogger cabinet off you.
  7. Welcome back to Aussie Arcade fringert.
  8. If anyone's having trouble getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X, I would recommend you joining Twitter and following https://twitter.com/AustraliaPs5 and https://twitter.com/AustraliaXSX , also don't forget to turn on notifications. I believe the same person runs both and uses some kind of bots that crawl the websites to see if there's any stock, when it finds some stock it automatically tweets out the place and link to the product. I managed to get the Xbox Series X tweet on the 20/01/2022 for preorder at EB Games, following that the Ps5 tweet was on the 14/02/2022 and that also was a preorder at EB Games. Without it I know I would still not have any consoles, so I highly recommend you do it too. Lastly, get twitter on the phone app so you don't miss the tweet, cause the ps5 was sold out in about 5 to 10 mins when I got mine.
  9. Hello Ash, welcome to Aussie Arcade.
  10. Hello xsploit, welcome to Aussie Arcade.
  11. Hello 80s Collector, welcome to Aussie Arcade.
  12. Hello Coin Cascade, welcome to Aussie Arcade.
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