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  1. Hi all, still looking for the above bracket if anyone has one.
  2. I have the following freebies for anyone who can pick up from Carnegie VIC 3163. Can't be bothered arranging for special pick-ups so you need to be prepared to come and grab yourself, or they go into the bin: 1 x Vewlix F stock Sanwa LCD panel, complete. Was in working condition when I removed from my Vewlix F. Had some yellowing of the backligfht which is common for the age, but screen worked fine. 1 x Step-down 240v -> 110v transformer. Pulled out of a working Astro City (I like to just run with an external step down). 1 x Model 3 Power supply. It's complete and was last working, but the power connectors have been desoldered. Handy if you want a board as a backup/donor for another model 3 psu though.
  3. In the attachment it is the part labelled 12 at the very bottom left. It's basically used to anchor doing the rear of the power supply.
  4. Actually there is one other part I am looking for which is more common. There is another metal plate which sites towards the back of where the power supplies go. It's mounted by two screws and this will be in literally every astro from factory, but it is missing from mine. Would you be able to check if you have that? I can send a photo of what I mean.
  5. No worries at all, thanks for checking.
  6. Hi there yes i am still after one thanks
  7. Still looking for one of these bad boys in the off chance anyone happens to have one.
  8. I have one in pretty much mint condition (only has VF2 art and no box though). but am in Melbourne and likely prohibitively expensive to ship interstate. It cost me a fair bit though, these things are pretty pricey.
  9. Still on the lookout for one or two of these power supplies, working or non working.
  10. I have a Mortal Kombat pcb for sale for $200. For now I wanted to only offer for pickup form Carnegie 3163 as these are too fragile/large to ship safely. Original Midway, not a bootleg. Selling purely because it's one of those PCBs that seems quite fussy about 5V and I get tired of having to change the 5V tuning just for one board when I go to use it.
  11. Looks stunning, always been a dream to own one of these. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Looking for the variant of the 400-5261 which came with the New Astroy city that has the power switch and monitor demag buttons built in as in the following photo: https://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/File:400-5261.jpg I believe there are X and Y variants and either is fine.
  13. Hi all, i am after one of these mounting frames for my 2nd astro city to match my current one. Does anyone happen to have one of these they would be willing to sell?
  14. Yes the body (including the floor where this transformer is mounted) is made of a non conducting fibreglass type material Pentam I believe. So it's not grounded at all as a result. @toads, you're not wrong, I don't want to fiddle with this, but just saw the dangling earth spade connector in what appears to be an otherwise working cab and rather than just ignore that wanted to make sure it's really for ground and connect that up. I intend on getting other step-downs installed in my other cabs (possible candidate: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TAKAGI-T...r/123032815680? or maybe toroidal better? https://www.zax.com.au/buy/500va-toroidal-stepdown-transformers-240-110v/TTS05001110) and will definitely be hiring a sparky to do that for me :) EDIT: There's a guy local to me who I have used before, might get him over to give this a once over to double check it's all ok. Thanks for your help guys!
  15. Here's the photos. I was thinking I should either just tie up that spare connector in that cable clamp nearby so it's not loose, or perhaps connect to a grounding point nearby like the one at the rear of the metal coin tray enclosure. In the "Transformer2" pic it shows what I was talking about what I believe to be the ground like connecting to the metal frame of the transformer. That desn't pass a continuity check to the earth of the cabinet (which itself is connected with mains earth). The blue wire going into it corresponds to the ground wire of the IEC plug that was powering the PC. The corresponding earth terminal of the primary winding does pass continuity with the chassis earth points in the cabinet. EDIT: Sorry I just retested the primary side (well which I think is), it's labelled 0v, (no label), and 240v, and that's just connected to neutral and live of the mains power. No ground point at that side. So it would appear there is no part of the transformer which is grounded with mains at all. Does that suggest option b of connecting the earth spade to the nearby ground point (which passes continuity with mains ground) on the metal coin enclosure is probably the right thing to do? I understand I have been getting myself confused about primary and secondary earth (amongst many other things), there's just one earth for the transformer as you described, correct? Thanks! Tony
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