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  1. I installed software but missed there was a monitor setting. Thanks, will look into it
  2. OK have fixed the image. on TMNT. Can't get it right with the RasberryJamma though :( Have tried on an LCD monitor and seems to be ok there not sure what i'm doing wrong... All ideas welcome!
  3. This is what it now looks like
  4. OK so i've plugged TMNT back in and there's horizontal lines all across the screen now. The image is stable but messed up. Is this an adjustment thing or has something broken?
  5. ok was trying to upload a better quality phot but failed....!!
  6. Ok. So I got the h hold to stable but now the image is still no good. Have fiddled with the other potentiometers but not getting better see attached picture. Any thoughts?
  7. All good. I think I worked it out, need to adjust the v hold on the chassis (long time since i've done that!)
  8. Hey guys any thoughts on what causes vertical scrolling?
  9. Yes I do so will take a look. Is it possible to power the Pi separately to help resolve this? Where on the Pi did you check the voltage from?
  10. All arrived (super fast!) and on the setup path. Thanks Dylan!
  11. Ok, just clicked on the @dee2eR and clearly this is the place to start :)
  12. awesome thanks all. Will try it out. I have a pi, any recommendations on sourcing the Jamma adapter locally?
  13. Hi folks, I have a TMNT 4 player cabinet and want to add to the games I am able to play on it. I am thinking about getting a pi + Jamma to do this. Before I dive in, keen on peoples thoughts and experiences in doing so. will it work out or am i better off investing in original PCB's ? David
  14. Thanks. Do you know where I can get an LCD version ready to go with out all the setup hassle?
  15. Looking for one for my WMS Indy, if anyone is thinking of selling or has a spare let me know!!
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