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  1. I bought two for $299 (both SF2 Cabs, one for me, one for my brother) purely with the intent to mod my one, by following the ETA PRIME modding guide. . The artwork on them is nice, the look is great, good size for sitting on a stool etc. Joysticks are pretty terrible, while buttons are fine nothing to complain about there. After a week i'd bought a joystick/button/encoder pack from amazon, a hdmi controller pack and a cheap amp, and modified it by taking all stock buttons and sticks out, and putting my raspberry Pi3 inside it, new buttons, new stick etc. Much happier now with it, my kids love it too. Also, Hunter Products who distribute them here, sent out 2 plexiglass controller board covers and 2 replacement art covers for free, express shipping so as to protect the artwork on the controller board. In saying that, after a couple of weeks since modding and my kids playing it quite a bit, it had yet to see any damage like some others have, but now with the plexiglass panel its a guarantee it wont be an issue down the track, hunter products were great, just asked for a receipt pic and sent out the panels the same day via express courier.
  2. I could be wrong, but im certain that Arcade1up came out and stated hat this ArcadeOne is not at all the same company, and simply a different company looking to jump on the name so to speak. Has nothing to do with regions. A few videos on youtube go over the facts about it too. I got a SF2 unit from aldi for $299 and chucked in my existing Raspberry Pi 3 with it, chucked in new joystick and buttons and amp, as per a tutorial on YT from ETA PRIME and now its a great little unit, especially for my kids. Went from 3 games to 7k games in one night lol. $299-$399 would be the best pricepoint for the machines, much harder sell especially with only 3-4 games at $499 to $599.
  3. Some stores still $499, some at $299, some at $399. Spoke to the manager at the Penrith Westfield store, price is at a per store/managers choice, he wouldn't budge on the $399 price they had up given he felt $100 off was reasonable. They had 5 of the capcom units, and 3 midway ones.
  4. Hey guys, new to the scene, and only picked up this 1940-in-1 a few weeks back, which am pretty happy with for my first bartop arcade, but one thing that i'd like to activate (if possible) is how to turn on the sound when the games are in demo mode etc? None of the games seem to be running sound until i hit the insert coin button, and i can't seem to find nearly anything on documentation on these units. If one of you guys could give me a hand that'd be much appreciated, cheers, Ken.
  5. Were heaps in my local store, i cant imagine it going half price but if it did, id be more than happy to pick one up, and simply use the case to put in a raspberri pi3 or something lol
  6. Hey all, First time poster here, new to the group. I have been going over a heap of the posts here, both on peoples custom builds and also images and so on, and for the time being my partner and i went with a prebuilt system of the 1940 in 1 variety. In time i plan to build one myself, with a Pandora Jamma, either by buying a flatpack or taking the time to cut and build from scratch, but for now we just wanted a bartop in the house lol. Only thing i had issues with was the very generic image on sides and Marquee, but that was fine since the Marquee has perspex i believe and so after seeing a thread by "Dezbaz" i made 3 quick images this morning and printed them all on an A2 at officeworks. Pretty happy with the result, may not be the most fancy thing in the world but adds a bit of character and personality to our bartop i think, even mixed my last name (Novak) into arcade sorta lol. Looking forward to learning more both from the build side and image side over time.
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