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  1. I messaged, no response. Nice astro city 2.
  2. According to their website The Greens support backburning and hazard reduction? https://greens.org.au/bushfires
  3. I'd like to get a copy of this if anyone has it? Happy to post HDD and pay a fee to save a download. Thanks.
  4. Thanks - really appreciate it! - - - Updated - - - Cheers - thanks for looking - it was pretty upsetting and then bloody glass everywhere - one side came out perfect, the other was rusted around the adhesive. - - - Updated - - - Thank-You!
  5. Thanks very much - I'd really appreciate it.
  6. Looking for the outer backglass for my Space Invaders. Removing a heavily rusted lift trim resulted in its untimely demise this afternoon.... Any help or pointing in the right direction would be much appreciated...
  7. Would like to grab these two pieces for my current project if anyone has either available. Thanks,
  8. Guys, moving this on to focus on my main interests at the moment (vintage consoles & Commodore/Amiga/Atari/Early PC computers). Would consider trade. Pickup just outside of Toowoomba. The Good: Working Boardset Working Soundboard Chassis Rebuilt by Jomac No parts missing. The Bad: Cabinet needs a tidy up, T-moulding & side art. Potentially rebuild soundboard as there is a hum - this could be volume pot though. Yoke controller needs 2 trigger buttons and adjustment - I have these on order. Probably powdercoat some of the metal. Special AA Price $1200 SOLD OUTSIDE OF AA
  9. POTC at Sunset Superbowl (well maintained) $2 Totally flogged Stern KISS at iPlay $1.50 Nothing at Bazinga arcade :(
  10. N64 consoles with all cables, a couple of aftermarket controls, 4mb expansion, memory card and Everdrive Clone cart. Looking for $200 ONO. Located in SE QLD. Happy to post/courier.
  11. Had an account previously and got out of collecting. Of course I no longer have access to that email address and now would like a few pins back in my life so it appears new account it is!
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