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  1. Hi Guys, Working on a old Taito cabinet that was in bad shape, it had been left outside for a few years. I was striping it back and removed perspex upgrade to original control panel, I was please to find the original painted aluminium control panel underneath after a little scrubbing. I was wondering if this original CP was used on particular machines or only fitted onto the Australian machines along with the new generic game marquee.?
  2. Hi Sir, I am fairly new to the group although i have been looking for the past few years. I have picked up an old Taito cabinet and hoping to change the control panel. I was thinking of making / Buying a defender style CPO, and had seen that you had perhaps sold them in the past. If that was something that you could help me in that would be great.  Thanks Phil

  3. Hi Guys, I have a taito space chaser and looking for a lower cash box door, could do with coin door parts missing on right side. Any help much appreciated, thanks phil
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