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  1. I’m after some NOS or decent shape MCA joysticks - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green (Purple?). Also looking for 1x Red & 1x Blue MCA buttons
  2. I have a faulty Sega Model 3 power supply if you’re interested
  3. Pretty sure I have a spare one of those
  4. Any interest in a trade for a Walking Dead Premium? Has ColorDMD, Shaker motor, Blood Spatter armour kit fitted
  5. 29” Toshiba Pure Flat Arcade CRT Monitor Known as the possibly the best arcade CRT monitor ever made This is the best condition example of this monitor I’ve seen with virtually no burn. Supports 15k/24k/31k resolutions Pickup available or transport can be arranged thru Bill for you $1200
  6. Looking for a Simpsons or similar 4p LAI control panel, Any cond considered
  7. I’m only selling my Nanao ms-2931-a monitor as a complete unit (tube/chassis)
  8. I have a Nanao MS-2931-S if interested
  9. It's true, I checked with AMD & Zax but their allocations were gone a long time ago. So buyers are on a waiting list for a game that might or might not be re-run with a 50%? deposit al ready down? Kinda find that hard to believe
  10. They are of course official Stern, Installed on the machine by previous owner. They are decals of sort
  11. Looking to trade my Walking Dead Premium for another Stern Premium (LE?) title that I haven't owned. Extras on this machine: Official Stern TWD "Blood splatter" armour kit (siderails, lockdown, legs & backbox hinges) ColorDMD LCD Shaker Motor Mirror Blades Cliffy Bicycle ramp protector Welcome to Woodbury sign Lighted Speaker kit Titles I'm possibly interested in working a trade for: Avengers IQ Black Knight SOR Deadpool Iron Maiden Premium (Maybe a Pro) Kiss Metallica ACDC
  12. No worries, Enjoy the game �
  13. Thanks mate. I did a couple of these for myself. I have a WPC-S version that I'm almost finished building
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