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  1. Correct. They are used to bond the earth to the DMD assembly at the speakers. 🙂 you could get away with a single I reckon provided you cross link all the earth points on the DMD panel.
  2. Good deal. I think I will grab one. I've seen a few people use this on pinside as a topper and within the playfield area.
  3. Great progress. Just by chance I am doing a similar project resto of a TFTC in sightly better condition (just) to yourself. PS: I think pinballcentre has the shooter handle and masks if you are looking
  4. A change is as good as a holiday. Looks good. Thank you
  5. Isn't it funny about pins we would have parted out or called a lost cause are now being brought back to life. Great (big) job, well done!
  6. After a few working boards per below for a DE DMD machine. if anyone has them as spares and will part with them please let me know via PM (not working but repairable is cool) The ones I have have been shorted to gnd and are basically razzed. Looking locally before I look overseas at replacement boards. Need MPU- 520-5003-03 Power Supply- 520-5047-02 3 Flipper Board - 520-5033-03 thanks for looking :)
  7. Search " flexible neon led" on eBay. I bought a 1 metre 12volt LED for 12 bucks. I cut it to size and placed it in a metal channel to hold it straight inside the saber mechanism. Works great.
  8. I had the same issue and changed the chip. I also changed out the neon for a led "neon" strip . Works great. Might be an easier longer term fix.Just a though
  9. Bump. Been putting this off for a long time now. After a clean out??? and check of what I have, I now also now need the light panel (behind translite) and metal cct board mount in backboard. ...could be a lost cause! Ideally an empty DE cab. Don't really want to build from scratch. Anyways if anyone has one please PM me.
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