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  1. Its not a bank account, the government actually has no money, as I understand it. @Wotto I am also getting fit, just got back from a 2 hour walk, and my mind is getting sharper due to education. There is a ton more to life, than pissing around on forums. But theres time for everything, so dont forget your mates on AA :-)
  2. Its worth 4k now, he shouldave kept it :(
  3. New episode of The Walking dead released. Its really crappy though :(
  4. Remember the "dirty, second rate, cheap, and nasty, way inferior to aus delivered" container pins? Nobody seems to say "container pin" or aus delivered anymore.
  5. Dads dont wanna be bent over, and pay 75 bucks an hour for the dis-pleasure lol......
  6. No woosh here mate :-) hardly an insult, my dear pokahontas :-)
  7. Agreed, and add, that if we can no longer afford the hobby, then we wont want to promote it to others.
  8. have a look at the buy it now pricing on US ebay (remembering they are usually dealer prices) http://www.ebay.com/sch/Machines-/13725/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=pinball&=&rt=nc&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  9. If elected, I will introduce price regulation into the pinball industry, and make available interest free, 84 month loans, to all AA members with less than 5 pins, for the purpose of buying Mikes next offering. This is my solem pledge :-)
  10. Maybe the hobby just fine before...hate to see people become marginalised due to money. Can we try, as an influencial community, to keep some sanity :-)
  11. Anyhoo, AP/tumbleweeds has no influence on pinball prices.....so back on track lol :-)
  12. I love it when we talk openly, and bullshit called for what it is.
  13. A ton of these zacs landed, and were promoted to the guys on AA. All of a sudden, these once regarded as "crappy wog pins" were fetching same money as, same era wms/gtb machines. This is a classical example actually, thanks for that Gav :-)
  14. Gav It doesnt have to cheap, Zacs were undesirable because they seldom worked. These days, there is parts, and knowledge to keep them going. You think its just Zacs becoming alot more expensive? Your not up with current trends :-)
  15. Your one of those little indians, and are quite vocal with the matter at hand. I am not shocked, that you chimed in early mate :-) If AA was not much of a platform for selling, then why are dealers so desperate to have a presence here? Those banned, are champing to be back, wonder why? There are other guys here, that work for dealers, but have respect allround not to muddy the waters. I respect those guys alot.
  16. Pinball prices have massively jumped, well seemingly so. We have members on here who make a living buying, and selling them. They are quite vocal at the moment, talking about sleeper pins, rising dollar, supply and demand etc. But dont be fooled, these guys are laughing all the way to the bank. AA is very influential, if a pin is sold for X dollars, and especially by guys who have a following.....then you see that price become a norm. It sets a precident. We the enthusiast are being priced out of the hobby. The dealers dont care, and the little indian members, those who work for big chief dealer are not to be listened to either, when they get in on it. AA was made to support eachother in a hobby we love. This is not a stir, or troll post. I am genuinely concerned, that we are being priced out, and that our promotion of the hobby via Pinfest, expo, support to others on AA, is being taken advantage of, and very much, spoiling, shitting on the average guy.
  17. That little red moke looks nice :-)
  18. Its just a discussion/opinion thread, and agree, happiness is all that matters :-)
  19. They often are, were Rod. I pity the guys, trying to sell these games down the track, when the market has corrected. No I dont lol, pay too much for a boaty, and suffer :-)
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