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  1. Love my 2014 Lancer, roomy, fastish, looks awesome with factory body kit, and a rear wing that obscures the rear vision a little. Fuel economy is excellent, good air con, did I mention it looks awesome? lol Photo isnt mine, but same car. Its my work/personal ride, paid to drive it on country roads :)
  2. amazing times, mass produced 3D printers from aldi :)
  3. thats the sad reality. Its just too much of an undertaking for one bloke, or even two or more, for an expo. Hope you eventually have good memories of your meets, and expo Leigh. Reckon Tony has a ton of good memories, but we cant fully appreciate the work, and stress, fatigue gone into them. Great memories for me, was a real privilege to attend those meets. Thankyou :)
  4. Still dont a pinny, or arcade, but yesterday scored a Solar Ride backglass, with door. I have my two favorite SS BGs now :) Hoping to get a machine this year.
  5. Yep, its very different. The initial applications amounted to small tafe level assignments. The interview, is basically spewing back what you have learnt/memorized, by doing the assignment, but the questions come at different angles. Its all about ticking boxes.
  6. Landed two jobs, and chose the one that best suited :-) Its been great, been working for couple of months now, 5 days a week, and enjoying it. Still havent bought a pinny, but watching the market, keeping an eye out for a good buy. I miss being active in the hobby.
  7. Just sold my alfa......I basically drove the wheels off it. Great driving car, but just not built well, and especially for our rough roads. I miss it though, my new car is a 2014 lancer, it drives great, but doesnt make me "feel" like the 2003 alfa did....Jap cars have no soul maybe.
  8. Shame you have to sell it mate. Make a great xmas present, for some lucky bugger on here :-)
  9. Reckon your on a winner, its certainly a cashed-up latte sipping, populos at the junction.
  10. The prices will fall, nothing rides high forever. Its sad to see machines sitting in sheds, rotting away....and that was not so long ago really, but hopefully the younger generations keep the ball rolling :-) I miss having a pinny, will be a buyer sooner, than later, and I wont wait for prices to drop.
  11. well done, had my first drink in 9 months last week. Drank six full stremgth beers, did nothing for me, tasted good, but left me wondering if I will ever drink again.
  12. I got the job :-) Had another interview on Monday, and smashed it, so I may have two casual jobs!
  13. just aweful, but the older dmds are also too expensive now.
  14. I made some, prob used that image. Printed onto self adhesive a4, then mylared over.
  15. find out on mon, or maybe friday. Disability support worker.
  16. Completed my cert 3 tafe course, and am applying for jobs. The exact job, that I wanted came-up a few weeks back, and I applied. Got an interview, involved a written test, and a face to face with a panel of 5. I was nervous, but when I saw the interview questions, that faded, because I knew how to answer every question. Smashed the test, smashed the interview, and I will be shocked, and very disappointed if I dont get it :-)
  17. Congrats Jas :-) I feel very happy for you!
  18. Watched the first ep. today, enjoyed it alot :-)
  19. bit more grey in the beard old fella ;)
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