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  1. Bargains out there for sure, still private sellers that dont use ebay. Comps are a great thing, I am seeing more pins sited, and often in top condition. Was only a few years ago, that there were hardly any pins on site, and they were often needing maintenance, many unplayable games.
  2. agreed, pacman appealed to everyone, especially chicks.
  3. They do gorgeous playfields, but the screen I could do without.
  4. bought some Rock Zircon ceramic earbuds earlier this year, and love them. You can buy from 20 to 30 bucks. The sound is excellent, the braided cord is really strong, and very comfortable. I turn in my sleep, and have wrecked so many earbuds, but not these.
  5. It never goes away, but with help the lows are far less frequent, and not as severe. Life is worth living :)
  6. I will have depression, and anxiety my whole life. I lost 20years to them, but dragged myself back into enjoying a better, and more productive life. I still get down days, but I get through them without it adversely affecting my life, family, and work. I have been really well for a couple of years now, and cant imagine falling as low as I once was. Tony, you have a great family and friends. They will be there for you, and help you back to a good place :)
  7. Turning half the double garage into a gamesroom. I bought an old pub slate pool table today, its going to look great after I sand, fill, and paint it. I will be after a coin mech to finish it off. Weighs a ton! A pinny, and mame cab will eventually be joining it.
  8. well it caused a stir, got people talking about the show....job done then!
  9. Spoiler Alert! I love zombies being smashed to a pulp, But.....this episode graphically showed a human, smashing the head of his human captive into a pulp. Then went further to do it again, and have the victims eye popping out, brains etc spilling from his head. The continual head smashing, until there was little left above the spinal cord, it was just sickening, and put TWD fully into the realms of full gore horror. It stayed with me for a couple of days, and I am bit angry that my zombie show is now horror. At least we have Z Nation :) - - - Updated - - - yes, that what it was....torture porn...they suck for going there.
  10. I cant afford a real pinball, but then I am not looking for the hidden bargains either. Video pinball....its a video game, its not pinball :) but video games are fun!
  11. Well I played the pro version I think, at Warnersbay superstrike today, and very much liked it. The side art bit underdone on the cab, but the playfield was beautiful, and feels a solid game.
  12. My perception is that prices have risen sharply, stuff on here is dearer, and so is stuff on gumtree, and ebay. I love pinball, but cant pay the money that even the lowend games seem to be getting. I shouldave kept mine, but honestly thought that I could replace them later for similar money. Kinda shits me now, but there you go!
  13. I respect that, because you are my elder! Lol
  14. Awesome, unfortunately I was 49 in july....but have never felt better in many ways :)
  15. If people thought more about what they said....how others feel about certain words, phrases, stereotyping, then we wouldnt need the wanker PC policing, that we are now stuck with. Benny Hill, the black and white minstrels, Fat Albert, Kingswood Country etc, were funny, and still are. But these were fictional characters, comedy, and entertainment. You have to draw a line between a TV show, and how people really act in society. You often see, afro americans call themselves niggers, women call each other bitches, gays call themselves poofs, and the gay lady motorcyclists proudly call themselves Dykes on bikes. I thought once, that they had a right to use such terms to describe eachother......but not now! If its ok for them, its ok for us, if its not ok...then make it not so for everyone!
  16. I cant afford a pinny, frig the prices have doubled since I owned one, but I can afford pokemon go! lol My 12yr old son is playing it on my phone, I started playing it when I was out, catching him pokemon, and spinning pokestops. Its a bit silly, all fun, and a great way to get kids, and kidults moving :)
  17. its the end, but we still have their best work to listen to :)
  18. I love these games, nice examples Tony.
  19. I loved the alfa, but prob wouldnt buy another. It was a pure driver, but not much of a survivor lol
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