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  1. I would say you can still have coffee without a sweetener, it also takes a few days to get used to. Best of luck for the future by the way.


    I am not using any sweetener in coffee, and am enjoying it now...seems to have more flavor, plus a little more bitter.


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    Yep Im with you on that one too.


    I also dont believe in moderation when youre addicted to sugar (think opiates)


    I heard about a lab experiment, where rats were given a bowl of cocaine to nibble on, and a bowl of sugar. They ate the sugar, left the coke alone. They then gave cocaine addicted rats a choice of coke, or sugar....they eventually gave up the coke, and only went for the sugar. It's a drug no doubt.

  2. I recall a thread by Acejas about sugar, years ago, buried deep now I spose.

    I knew the day would come, when my doctor said...your a diabetic. I expected it decades ago, so I had a good run eating anything I wanted lol

    8 days ago was my diagnosis, its been 8 since my last sugary food, takeaway or adding sugar to my coffee etc. I gave away my iced coffees, chocolate, cakes, red frogs etc. Day 2 was tough, cravings, headaches, and lacking energy. Day 3 and 4 my limbs ached, and had no energy, but only minor headaches. Day 4 was ok, I felt ok lol. From day 5 onwards, I have felt better each day. My thought is clearer, and I feel a general mental boost. The headaches have gone, and my energy is back. No cravings or aches at all. I havent felt this good in years. Hopefully I will kick the diabetes.

  3. Freaking awesome. How hard are these to find?


    There are many on ebay, but they fetch good money. I find them at markets, gumtree, facebook. The records (78s) cost very little, I get boxes for free, or upto 10 to 20 bucks for large lots.

  4. Nice score, I fully forgot that would actually count as a hobby I do. Me and my missus every few weeks go for a dig around the beach with the detector. Its really good fun, it good time together doing that, the best thing Ive found was a 20gram solid gold ring, was encrusted in grud it had been there for years. never found anything even close to that good ever since, lol

    Usually we find about $5 in change, and some other junk, Bottle caps man there is allot of bottle caps on the beach lol


    @Fish Tales

    You must find those in a country area if you found old coins? we bought the detector todo some gold hunting on a holiday, ended up never using it and instead panned, but have used on the beach only. ours is only an entry level Garret it works great though, where are good spots to look if your looking for old coins in country areas?

    Look forward to your hints.

    this thread is great, learning some new things


    I hunt old public spaces, edges of ovals, old parks, demolished house sites, anywhere that people congregated. Newcastle has many of those places, so I do ok. I dont do the beaches much, but have done ok there.....go after a storm has stripped at least a couple of feet of sand away....thats the best time to get old coins, and jewellery. I had quick hunt today....nice to get22218469_1195600427251148_1652241824123839028_o.thumb.jpg.d8f611e5be42b23f6b5dcf378cf25d54.jpga WW2 diggers rising sun collar badge.

  5. It's all about the past with my hobbies. Metal detecting, found these earlier this week 22119901_1193922380752286_2134596542_o.thumb.jpg.36f801ad47174176eae25d47d19e9810.jpg

    I collect, and restore old clocks, and valve radios. Two radios, that I bought at auction yesterday..22089580_1194432594034598_3978017628856062023_n.jpg.7980223add4d2b9100bacb2fd2223e8e.jpg


    Some of my clocks...20170826_182805yyy.thumb.jpg.23148555e9b1b50469e9bb7b7cb0721c.jpg


    Me detecting...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0YKmTVOX0M

  6. G’day ,

    My family has run pubs for three generations, and still do. We’ve been offered pokies a number of times over the years but always knocked them back. We do this as we see them for what they are, machines programmed to make profit with no luck factor involved, that are aimed predominantly at pensioners, desperate people and addicts .. and conscience doesn’t allow us to treat our beloved customers this way.

    They will make profit, but can you sleep at night being the place that took an addicts last few dollars that would’ve gone towards food for his kids that night? Up to you mate


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    Unfortunately many addicts have innocent families that have no choice in what the addict parent blows on gambling


    Good on your family! :)

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