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  1. Woka is a resto man now! Such a lovely job of that FT Dylan.
  2. That's 4 weeks no sugar. I still feel better than average, but last few days I have really craved for it. Next goal is 2 months!
  3. I am not using any sweetener in coffee, and am enjoying it now...seems to have more flavor, plus a little more bitter. - - - Updated - - - I heard about a lab experiment, where rats were given a bowl of cocaine to nibble on, and a bowl of sugar. They ate the sugar, left the coke alone. They then gave cocaine addicted rats a choice of coke, or sugar....they eventually gave up the coke, and only went for the sugar. It's a drug no doubt.
  4. I dont drink, gave it away for good. I love coffee, that's my only vice now.
  5. I recall a thread by Acejas about sugar, years ago, buried deep now I spose. I knew the day would come, when my doctor said...your a diabetic. I expected it decades ago, so I had a good run eating anything I wanted lol 8 days ago was my diagnosis, its been 8 since my last sugary food, takeaway or adding sugar to my coffee etc. I gave away my iced coffees, chocolate, cakes, red frogs etc. Day 2 was tough, cravings, headaches, and lacking energy. Day 3 and 4 my limbs ached, and had no energy, but only minor headaches. Day 4 was ok, I felt ok lol. From day 5 onwards, I have felt better each day. My thought is clearer, and I feel a general mental boost. The headaches have gone, and my energy is back. No cravings or aches at all. I havent felt this good in years. Hopefully I will kick the diabetes.
  6. There are many on ebay, but they fetch good money. I find them at markets, gumtree, facebook. The records (78s) cost very little, I get boxes for free, or upto 10 to 20 bucks for large lots.
  7. Collecting Gramophones, and the records. Here is one I bought recently.
  8. Finally got around to installing these today. A simple job, no soldering, just screws, and no adjustments needed.
  9. USA is a great nation, however they are insanely stupid.....how many lives must be lost, before they change?
  10. Back to fighting Klingons, as it should be :)
  11. Dunno, but it needs new Rails Jeff! lol
  12. True brotherhood exists on AA. I feel privileged to have met many from here.
  13. My best goldie total is 80 bucks in 3 hours, an oval that had never been detected.
  14. I hunt old public spaces, edges of ovals, old parks, demolished house sites, anywhere that people congregated. Newcastle has many of those places, so I do ok. I dont do the beaches much, but have done ok there.....go after a storm has stripped at least a couple of feet of sand away....thats the best time to get old coins, and jewellery. I had quick hunt today....nice to geta WW2 diggers rising sun collar badge.
  15. Congrats, getting close to being a grandad.....lucky kid getting to play in pops shed! :)
  16. It's all about the past with my hobbies. Metal detecting, found these earlier this week I collect, and restore old clocks, and valve radios. Two radios, that I bought at auction yesterday.. Some of my clocks... Me detecting...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0YKmTVOX0M
  17. I never thought prices could go this high, but am sure its a bubble, and always burst. OP people can ask what they want, shouldnt matter to anyone.
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