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  1. I’m after a few bits and pieces, hoping to find them in SA to avoid postage costs. Looking for some head bolts and leg bolts. I’m not after new shiny ones, just some cheap and rough ones so I can put a machine together to work on. Cheers. also hunting for a score motor assembly with cogs that would work in a Gottlieb solar city (eldorado/target alpha) and the 4 flipper assemblies also looking for the back door of a wedge head. Would even consider buying the whole head box without back glass thanks
  2. That sounds promising. I bought it to save it. I hate seeing machines getting scrapped.
  3. Looking for a reference pic online. This is the bit that’s missing.
  4. Cheers Doug. fortunately it still has the transformer. here are a couple of pics.
  5. Hi all. I just got a solar city project. I bought it with the delusion that I may be able to get it up and running only to discover the motor has been removed from it. I’m just wondering where I can get another one and how much they cost. Perhaps I have just got a parts machine now??
  6. I’ve always been happy with LEDs from squiggly gum tech.
  7. OK, I need some help from the AA community. Are there any AA members in the Newcastle area? I've managed to get in contact with the seller and been able to buy the Aprons. I don't think he is overly keen on boxing them up for me to organise a courier to pick them up. I'm hoping that there's an AA member near Newcastle who would be able to collect them for me and pop them in a box so that I can organise a courier to pick them up. please PM me if you are able to help out. Cheers Al
  8. I’ve completely stripped them and have cleaned all of the dried up grease that was clagging them up. in the how to video that I watched, the guy put a little PBR grease on the decagon board to help the contacts move around it without rubbing. he also put a vey small amount in the “gear” and on the central spike. it looks like my plate could have done with a bit of this years ago. It’s worn through!
  9. I’m cleaning up my score reels. All the info I can find online says to use PBR grease or Superlube PTFE grease. of course I need something I can buy here in Aus. supercheap Auto has a huge range but I don’t know where to start. Do I use a silicon based grease https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/herschell-herschell-silicone-paste-grease-tube---100g/402033.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA5t-OBhByEiwAhR-hmz4kedLWSOspeRNiBcw359jBw7wTCo3RWnm9NoxXSri8Cz2ggDdP5BoCZQ8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Or their specific dielectric grease? https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/permatex-permatex-dielectric-grease-.33-oz/379868.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA5t-OBhByEiwAhR-hm5ghmFyckHz7836WFouLfOJzEfFnJE-E_NfAw3ziac8-LAGsvluc-xoC3hoQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. Hi AA Ive transitioned from solid state to my first EM. Just wondering if anyone happens to have the schematic and relevant parts catalogue for a Gottlieb Spin out. thanks.
  11. Does anyone know the guy selling the wedgehead and 4 aprons on gumtree for $100 I’ve been trying to buy those Aprons from him since the Ad went up 2 weeks ago. I can see that my messages are being read, but he doesn’t reply. If anyone on here has bought them and he just hasn’t taken the ad down. I’m really keen on the future spa apron if you want to sell it on.
  12. Hi all. Just listed my latest project on gumtree. lots of work done inside the headbox on this one, lots of repinning, new rectifier board etc. It’s got a “few” scrapes but plays really nicely. legs have been stripped, sanded, primed and painted they look as good as new Some displays have a couple of small burn spots. Very minor (see photo) Dropped to $3300 - need to make room
  13. Hi Rich, I didn't want to incase I stuffed it up, but I only had to drill them ever so slightly, so that's what I have done, and it spins a treat. Any tips for fabricating the wire between the spinner and the switch. I've made something up out of a bit of thin wire. It's doing the job, but not sure how long it will last.
  14. Just wondering hopefully if anyone has a spinner from an old stern or bally stashed away in a box somewhere. I bought a new spinner from PSPA, but the wire is too thick to fit through the holes in the surround. Cheers
  15. I have a set of 6 digit bally displays. All working 100%. no burn in no weak segments. $300. cheers.
  16. Yup, Pinside drew a blank. looks like I have something unusual here.
  17. Does anybody know anything about these drop targets - found them in a 75 Gottlieb EM. Haven't seen any like this before.
  18. And finally, inside in the warm! Sat next to Medusa and looking mighty fine!
  19. I have a Dolly Playfield she’s had a hard life though.
  20. I thought I’d share how I restored the legs. I’m probably telling you stuff you already know but here goes. First I made a tube of storm water pipe capped and sealed at one end, screw cap at the other. I sit the legs in there, in double strength white vinegar, for a week or 2. When they come out the paint is blistered. I then hit it with the karcher and it comes right off. Could only put a very short video up to show you. IMG_7579.MOV
  21. Hi guys. Having a tidy up and trying to make a bit of room on the shelves. I’ve just listed on Gumtree a bulk load of parts for Gottlieb system 1. I’ve also got a couple of drop target assemblies and a populated Totem playfield on there too if you search my other ads. feel free to PM me on here or through Gummie if you want anything.
  22. I’ve put the decal on and it’s looking as good as new. It was a fairly thick sticker, my question is, should I put some clear coat over the top of the sticker?
  23. The spinner was looking worse for ware so time to give it a fresh new look sanded with 800 grit to smooth and then a couple of coats of good old SCA primer filler then a few coats of Matt white, followed by 3 coats of clear
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