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  1. Yup, Pinside drew a blank. looks like I have something unusual here.
  2. Does anybody know anything about these drop targets - found them in a 75 Gottlieb EM. Haven't seen any like this before.
  3. And finally, inside in the warm! Sat next to Medusa and looking mighty fine!
  4. I have a Dolly Playfield she’s had a hard life though.
  5. I thought I’d share how I restored the legs. I’m probably telling you stuff you already know but here goes. First I made a tube of storm water pipe capped and sealed at one end, screw cap at the other. I sit the legs in there, in double strength white vinegar, for a week or 2. When they come out the paint is blistered. I then hit it with the karcher and it comes right off. Could only put a very short video up to show you. IMG_7579.MOV
  6. Hi guys. Having a tidy up and trying to make a bit of room on the shelves. I’ve just listed on Gumtree a bulk load of parts for Gottlieb system 1. I’ve also got a couple of drop target assemblies and a populated Totem playfield on there too if you search my other ads. feel free to PM me on here or through Gummie if you want anything.
  7. I’ve put the decal on and it’s looking as good as new. It was a fairly thick sticker, my question is, should I put some clear coat over the top of the sticker?
  8. The spinner was looking worse for ware so time to give it a fresh new look sanded with 800 grit to smooth and then a couple of coats of good old SCA primer filler then a few coats of Matt white, followed by 3 coats of clear
  9. I’ve got a WWF playfield if you are interested.
  10. Playfield…. I was surprised to find the rails were a pink, but it ties in with the pink on the plastics. the exposed rails were dirty and dark, and faded light in others The pictures on the flyers for the game show the rails to be a deep pink. I had heard a lot about Montana paint. I found that they had a range of pinks so I ordered the closest I could find(difficult on a computer screen!) and went for Montana black - Punk pink. The rails were sanded primed, sanded etc until the imperfections were gone, then I hit it with the Punk pink. I must say, the Montana black is amazing to paint with. Thick and even cover on 1 pass. I have found my new favourite paint! When laid down it was a lighter shade than I expected, but I like it. I gave it 2 coats of clear, which made it pop. it looks more fluoro in the photo than it actually is. I got the playfield back together and the pink rails look great with the pink in the playfield plastics.
  11. for this one I decided to colour match the legs to the game so for Supersonic they had to be red The leg on the right showing the original rust and tatty paint. The leg on the left stripped and ready for paint. To strip the leg I have a length of PVC storm pipe capped at one end and with a screw cap at the other. Filled with double strength vinegar from Woolies. I sit the legs in there for 2 weeks and then take them out and spray they off with the Karcher. The paint just flies off. Then I used SCA primer filler and a quick sand with 800 grit followed by 2 more coats of primer, sanding between each. Helps to get rid of the little scratches. Rather than use the rust oleum for an exact match I used Gloss red Australian export from SCA as its 1/3 the price of rust oleum. finishing off with 3 coats of crystal clear coat. Not sanded to leave a powder coated appearance. With the leg bolts fresh from the tumbler it’s looking slick. The coin door. taken apart and all mechs cleaned, decided to colour match the back plate to the legs and transformer cage. I used the same steps, primer and sand x3 then paint, followed by a few coats of clear. before: After
  12. 2 assemblies from a Gottlieb system 1. One 5 bank and one 4 bank. The 4 is a bit rusty but would clean up. The 5 is missing 1 target and spring and 2 of the plastic targets are broken. $ 60 each or take the pair for $100
  13. Need to make some space so moving on this Gottlieb system 1 TOTEM playfield. Comes with Apron and shooter housing. ( both need work). The playfield is pretty much fully populated Top side is missing 1 plastic. Otherwise is in amazing condition as it has been under a playfield protector, the paintwork is practically perfect. Even the drop targets are intact. On the bottom side it’s missing the 2 pop bumper mechs and the flipper mechs are incomplete but otherwise looks compete. Unfortunately the harnesses have been cut. This is a great playfield to strip and swap in for a damaged one. Looking for $400 but open to sensible offers.
  14. I reckon you could salvage that one. Mine looked pretty similar. depends if you want to spend the time on it rather than just buying a replacement I just sanded it back with increasing grades of paper until it was as smooth as I could get it. Then used filler primer spray from SCA (the same as I now use on cabinets), 3 coats, sanding very lightly with 1200 grit between each coat. Then just a white spray followed by 2-3 coats of automotive clear coat. sorry about the pics, they are cropped from larger photos. The before and the after
  15. Hi I'm still on the hunt for a good condition Bally 7 Digit display. I have a perfectly good 100% working 6 digit Stern display to swap for it. Also happy to buy (Cheap) some non working Bally 7's as long as the glass looks OK and there is no burn in. I can try and use on of my 2 cracked 7s and move the glass over or something. Unfortunately I missed out on Tony's mega sale, despite responding 6 minutes after the post went up. Those things went fast!!! Any leads would be great, and if there are any in Adelaide that I could pick up that would be even better. Cheers
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