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  1. 6mdm. I’ve updated the original post. Cheers.
  2. Has anyone got a spare Bally Solid State headbox lying around? I’m in need of one in the 1978-79 style it’s going to be repainted go on a 6MDM. I’d even consider buying partly stripped machine or one with a damaged playfield, missing mechs etc that I can use the headbox from and perhaps salvage other parts as needed
  3. A few additional pics to bump the ad. I will also consider trades. Swap a few of your unloved projects for this stunner.
  4. Thanks for linking it.
  5. Hi all. Here’s one for the Bally collectors. I’ve decided it’s time to put my restored Medusa up for sale or trade. If you haven’t seen it, head over to the SS restoration section there are plenty of pics of it there and a very lengthy blog detailing all of the work done to it to make it as beautiful as it is. Selling for $12,000 or trade for a few project machines or something of similar value.
  6. For those who haven’t seen, I’ve put it up for sale on FB and gumtree.
  7. Ok. The one I have is slightly longer. 77cm
  8. I think I may have one. What length are they?
  9. Pm sent. I may be able to take a look for you.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has a Star Trek back glass the would sell. cheers.
  11. Thanks guys. pondering whether to go original Bally grey or pimp them up a bit. the classic grey look good on my Medusa, but I liked the red when I did Supersonic.
  12. Has anyone found a good spray can match for the original grey of Classic Bally SS legs. There are so many (50) shades of grey, I'm not sure which is the right one.
  13. Thanks Zivko. I’ve sent you a message. Cheers.
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