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  1. It was a while ago, maybe 5-8 years ago, when I was playing Tapper and got my PB. I'm not sure I was thinking so much about exactly when the next extra life is, but rather just an awareness that I was losing them faster than gaining them. I recall this game being the first that was physically fatiguing and really tested my endurance. It's a problem that has gotten worse over time when I play many games with a controller dpad. However, endurance doesn't seem to be a problem when I use an arcade stick, so maybe one day I'll go back to Tapper. The problem is that when I plug in my arcade stick, I'm more likely to load up Zoo Keeper.
  2. 139625 Quick game... very rusty and not checking in on MGL due to Yolympics
  3. 5542500 minor improvement... once again so close to a PB.
  4. Did this break recently? I just tried to use it and couldn't figure it out... now I see that example thread isn't working either.
  5. I'm still hoping for a PB and while I was playing poorly for most of the night, I did answer the question: Can you hold in the lion? The best round 8 board I've seen. I got all 12 lions!
  6. 5175350 Round 11 meltdown... so close to a PB game.
  7. Indeed, this is why MGL so great! I was introduced to Zoo Keeper... it quickly became my favourite classic arcade game. Now I see it is back and I didn't even nominate it! :D
  8. 114 Okay, didn't take long to improve from 95... finally bopped Bebop, but didn't get far in the sewer.
  9. Hi OOO, looks like you missed my score of 95 in reply #66. I hope get get something even better, but at least it was a bit of progress. :027:
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