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  1. Yes, mostly, the better clarity is great. Most of the older units are re-cases as the screen/case was munted anyway. gb, gbc, gba, ngpc, gg The lynx had screen lines and is the lcd update that I like the most. The switch, psp, vita, gb micro, ngage are original with good output. The pce gt is no fun at that screen size so will be updated. The nomad screen is a bit crap so will be updated. And well... the wonderswans are unplayable with stock lcd imho.
  2. Meet the family, well most of it. I later realised that I forgot the DS and 3DS.
  3. For those that haven't jumped to Xbox Ultimate from Gold but are considering it, I completed the following this morning. I started with: - Xbox gold with about 4 months left on it - Reoccurring payment was setup and on - Logged in to the correct Xbox account I did the following: Step 1 1. Go to https://account.microsoft.com/services/ > Manage > Turn off recurring billing > Scroll to the bottom and select "Turn off recurring billing" 2. Purchase 3mth XBOX (WW) for $18.99 here: https://www.cdkeys.com/3-month-xbox-live-gold-membership-card-xbox-one-360 3. Get Key from CDkeys "MyAccount" 4. Use Key here: https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem Make sure 1mth FREE if reoccurring setup is enabled. 6. Refresh https://account.microsoft.com/services/ to make sure 4 months has been applied to gold 7. Go to step 1 to turn off billing. Rinse and repeat to max of 36 months. (9 x 3month keys) Step 2 ONLY AFTER MAXING OUT GOLD TO 36 MONTHS (3 YEARS) Go here and join Ultimate for $1 https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-game-pass#join Enjoy, you now have 3 years of Xbox ultimate for a max of ~$170 or ~$4.75/mth (current ultimate is $15.95/mth) My cost was ~$150 as I already had 4 months of a 12 month gold subscription remaining (8 x 3month keys)
  4. Only received them today. Not as yet, only received them today. They look the goods though, should do a great job.
  5. Latest box from Japan wasnt a console/controller/game for a change. Picked up a couple of neat pliers for SMD cap removal.
  6. Another oddity turned up today Waiting on MMC card to be able to load content
  7. Never say never but I think I have reached the end of my console collecting with the purchase of below. I've had look a few times at some of the other oddities like the Super A'Can and the Watara Supervision but really feel like this console completes the collection. Time will tell.
  8. A bit of both. Been playing a bit of everything as well as tinkering. I do have a lot of work in front me on the collection though, mostly recaps. Last month I hit the DMG and Lynx games pretty hard but I think my son is enjoying all the extra consoles the most 🙂 Recently been working on mostly Nintendo and Sony handhelds with a few Lynx conversions for good measure. DMG, GBC, GBA, PSP and Vita. This month I've got a Game Gear on the bench with another in the wings the after that I'll finish off the PC GT and move on to the nomad. In the past 12 ish months I've also added the following which only adds to the list requiring attention: Note: Crusing Yahoo Japan late at night is dangerous to the wallet. Fairchild Channel F Atari 5200 4 port Samsung Nuon 501 Wii Mini SMS Gen 1 MD Gen 1 French RGB model Philips Videopac G7000 Super Cassette Vision Manna Space CDI Vextrex Neo Geo CD PS4 Pro N-gage GD Laseractive PCE PAC-N1 Taito M88 32X WonderSwan Color SwanCrystal Sega ST-V PCB PS Vita TV Sheen TV104 Sharp Famicom Twin Family Computer with disc module Famicom AV Dick Smith Y-1160 Colecovision Atari XEGS
  9. Been on a bit of a handheld bender lately, topped it off last night with this unit that sits somewhere between handheld and console.
  10. Purchased a few consoles recently as well as a absolute turd, pictures below. Also some other items most notably a Laseractive MD controller, 3D Dream MegaLD and Return to Zork for the PC-FX 🙂
  11. Recap the whole board if you can, at minimum do all the tall caps near the CPU. Also make sure to remove the Supercap when the board is out.
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