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  1. Awesome day and evening. Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Stuba for their hospitality and to the many who worked hard to feed us and make sure the machines all worked. Excellent job Jas and the others food was fantastic. Had to leave around 10 as I was on a "promise" - I suspect that they will be sitting around the bonfire until dawn. Michael
  2. We will find out together (google maps and my phone work well together!) Last call if anybody needs alift from the north I am leaving Bribie around 1:45 and picking up extra ball at the airport at 2:50. Not sure when (or how) I am returning :rolleyes 2 sleeps to go! Michael
  3. Anybody arriving after lunch time and needing a lift let me know - Picking up EXTRA BALL at around 15:00 so still have 3 seats left. Michael
  4. Mate I always show up late and have to drive past the airport so I can grab you around 3:00pm plus anybody else ariving after lunch. Let me know if you need the lift and I will PM my mobile Michael
  5. Buggar! First meet on the north side and I missed IT! Michael
  6. Only two left at that stage and now down to one. What's family when you have pinball - she already owns all my assets anyway ....... Michael
  7. Add me to the list as well. Have to drive past the airport on the way to Stubba's so can pick up any late comers if needed. Michael BTW you guy's are killing me. In the last twelve months you have manged to schedule a meet on the weekend of one of my kids birthdays and now my anniversary ......
  8. Specials what specials???? Lost it via PowerTel (Brennan) as well. Michael
  9. Driving down Friday and plan on being at the EXpo Saturday till mid afternoon. Have a party in Canberra on Saturday night so will not be back for Sunday. Michael
  10. Matthew, Go to you local hobby shop and purchase a length of Piano wire in the correct diameter (1/8" but I am guessing it must be a good tight fit in the holes in the playfield) and bend up one using pliers and a vice. It won't be chromed but it will protect the GI globe and should be easy to make. Piano wire should hold shape. A single piece of piano wire should provide a life time supply for a couple of dollars. Failing that I am sure one of the local parts places in Melbourne can supply. Michael
  11. My callouses are on my thumbs from being hooked over the glass frames most of the time. Fingers above but not on the buttons with thumbs used to get extra leverage when hitting the button. However I have been known to slap the button in times of stress and definitely "dance" while playing. Never managed to push one through a wall Michael
  12. Geat time had by all Just arrived back in the north. Excellent afternoon / evening. Many thanks to Paul for opening his house and letting us all play with his toys. Thanks also to Gerald? - sorry hopeless with names - who organized and ran the comp and carved dinner. Great night great collection and great people - many of whom were new to Pinball. Excellent to see people being given a chance to experience the fun for the first time. Got to play at least 10 new machines for the first time myself. Look forward to a return visit if the opportunity is offered. and less than 2 hours from Bribie! Thanks Gents for a great time Michael
  13. Rain glorious rain. Gympie is off so Gold Coast is on. PM sent Michael
  14. GCBoi, Trying to free up my day so I can come down. If the rain stops I have to go to Gympie to watch soccer if it is wet I am free to come. Sadly won't know until later this evening Michael
  15. Is this the solid state or the electro mechanical version? Posibly the only Pinball that came out in both! Silly question but you do have it set for free play or credits added so it can start a game. Michael if it is SS try here for info http://www.pinrepair.com/sys1/index.htm if em try here http://www.pinrepair.com/em/index.htm
  16. Very nice pickup Wes Definitely have to drive south one day soon and drop in Michael
  17. Bugger, saw that last Tuesday and was playing hard to get and now it's gone. You snooze you loose. You are a lucky man. Michael
  18. Excellent event and great group of people. Good to see a lot of partners and kids at this one. As always Dylan and Leah were excellent hosts. Thanks for having us all. And I got Number 1 on SPP again (who cares about grand champion Jas it's just a name - I am number 1!!!) Michael At least I got a picture of it this time before you beat it ;)
  19. Should get there around 15:00 Sadly Mrs DOZ is helping people vote so cannot come. Will bring a plate MIchael
  20. Mate happy to offer a lift both ways if you can get to the Bribie / Caboolture turn off. The pub has a big car park or my daughter lives just off the highway at Caboolture (one round about in) Michael Panquil is your friend (former owner of a screaming two year old). Assuming they still make it of course. Only child I know who could scream non stop from Canberra to Brisbane without taking a breath
  21. ROLLERBALL Your sig is out of date AGAIN ;) Lucky bastard Michael
  22. mjdoz


    Listing has been removed - Big Brother EBAY at work? Michael
  23. Pieces you have two choices: 1) drill the hole all the way through the playfield and install a "T" nut under the playfield, or, 2) fill the hole with toothpicks / matches / skewers and glue and insert the original post back in Option 1 is the best but take care and use a hand drill not a power drill - lots of stuff under the playfield you do not want to catch with the drill bit. Full info at Marvin as usual (Pinrepair.com?) Michael
  24. Woka, add me to the list as well. Will bring a plate of something (Cheese / dips / whatever - let me know if you have apreference) Look forward to the CNC demo. Michael
  25. If you are heading up this way drop over for a beer (I'm just around the corner from Beachmere on Bribie). Let me know what time you will be at Beachmere and I will join in. Interesting that last weekend a mint LOTR on Bribie failed to sell at $4,950 on ebay and now there is a RFM (sorry should be AFM) just around the corner. Wonder what is happening up this way. Michael
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