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  1. Hey man I pulled it apart today and yeh it's a 10mhz not 12 MHz
  2. Looking for a Capcom bottom A board with no faults . Thanks . I also have a faulty one to sell / trade, whatever :)
  3. Yeh not sure mate . Do I need to take the top boards off to find the crystal? I'll send you a pic of it ☺�
  4. I am on the hunt for a working Street Fighter 2 CE bottom A board with no known issues. Or likewise someone who wants to buy my slightly faulty one. Thanks ��
  5. Yeh :( Any ideas on why the volume is background music only? So am I able to replace RAM? I've heard the Custom is unable to be fixed, that's a bummer.
  6. Ok I have some updates. Board one has been problem solved. Mask ROM 5 and 11 are screwy. I've replaced them with the 5 and 11 from game 2 and we have a working A , B and C combo. I've now taken that working B and C combo and tried it with board A ( the one that glitched after volume change ). It still has the graphics glitch and now no sound effects/announcer /hadouken etc only background music . So I'm thinking I messed something up by touching the volume ?
  7. Hey legends. tested voltage at PSU and it's 5.01 Drops down to 4.63 at the edge connector Should I turn it up? Got zapped when I used the ground terminal nearest to the top of the PSU. Used the other one and it was fine. Is that normal?
  8. Hi John . Thanks for that. Yes the ground from the power supply seems to be a very thick wire then it goes into a little box an comes out with thinner wire. I do also have a slight screen wobble going on. Any point in taking the video ground and moving it to pin 14? Would that have any effect? It looks like video ground is currently one of the ones on pin 28. Hoping to eliminate wiring issues before I proceed .
  9. Hey guys I'm just about to test with multi meter. Just before I proceed I've uploaded pics of the jamma harness. Does this look correct ? A few questions.. pins 1 and 2 have the 1 wire bridged across the 2 pins. Is there meant to be a seperate wire for each pin? Same for 3 and 4 with the 5v. Pin 14 is empty (should be video ground according to diagram) Pin 28 has two black ground wires and one on the component side. Pin 27 is empty. I Must add last time this was used (before I bought it) it was running a Pandora and LCD screen. Is this something that I've overlooked? Cheers 😊
  10. Thanks man. So does it matter which of the grounds I use ? Do I go 1 with 3 and 2 with 4 or doesn't make a difference?
  11. Hey guys yeh I'm going to buy a digital multi meter today as Ive been struggling along with a non digital one. Just to double check ? To test at power supply : Black at ground , Red at 5v both on power supply while turned on. To test at PCB edge connecter: plug game in and turn on. Black at pin 2 components side , Red at pin 3 components side ? Is there enough of the pins sticking out to do this or is jamma thing in the way? To test at chips on the board: I'm lost here. Is it the 1st and last pins on the mask ROMs ? The first being to the left of the notch when looking from above? Cheers lads.
  12. Hi guys a few months ago I posted some pics of my Sf2 champion board with vertical glitch bars. I managed to fix it by swapping out the S92-5M rom and it fixed it. Last night I was attempting to use another working SF2 board and all went well for about 2 minutes until I attempted to turn the volume up and then everything went glitchy. Is it bad to adjust volume while the game is on ? Here are some pics. I'm going insane with these games 😭😭😭😭 any ideas ? Could it be an external issue to do with storage or the wiring/power supply/screen setup? It just seems weird because I had another cabinet with a different crt and I used these boards for a long time with no problems and the minute I pull them out of storage and put them in this new machine they get issues. Any help appreciated
  13. Nah the A board must be ok. I put a working A board with the B and C boards and it has the same problem.
  14. Hi I might be interested in that one . Do you know what is causing the lines ?
  15. Thanks guys. Do you guys know if a AM27c4096 can be used in place of the D27c4096??? the AM ones appear to be slightly thinner and the legs come out further (I guess because they are thinner.) They do fit in the slots but need a little more manipulation than the originals.
  16. Hey mate. sorry but I'll need a bit more info. What do you mean dump the ROMs ? First time doing this .
  17. Hi. Does anyone know if this burner will work with these chips. It's for Street Fighter 2 Champion edition upgrade. It keeps telling me to correct the pin placement. Doesn't seem to recognise it. Does it need an adapter or external power? The chip number is listed as supported in the softwares list. All help appreciated. Thanks
  18. Yeh man I took everything that I recognised off the B board and reseated it. I can try it all again
  19. Hmmm ok. So thats the 12 larger chips? I have a burner and some chips , should I start trying to burn new ones or is there something I can do to the old ones? Is there a particular one I should start with? Track rot sounds nasty .....
  20. Hi mrjamma. Thanks for the message mate � yeh I tried giving it a little push and bit of manipulation but no result. It remains a mystery haha
  21. Hello Sf2 fans, If I want to change Sf2 Champion to Hyperfight by swapping 21,22,23 does it matter what version of the roms I download. My Champion edition version is 902803 (USA). The Hyper fighting options are USA 921209 and World 921209. Does it matter which one I use? Are they all compatible with my 902803 Champion? Many thanks in advance
  22. Yeh I did the rom reseat. Still glitchy :(
  23. Ok thanks . It does have some foam protection. Can I just that off ? I also have a EPROM burner and some new ROMs. Are there any I should start reburning ?
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