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  1. Thanks Sandy and Dave for a great Houseball. Was loads of fun as always at the house 😊 really cool to have the arcade machines on too Big thanks also to Cranky Dave, Trav and Rusty and everyone for the hard work behind the scenes 👍
  2. Oh man, first Houseball for 2022 and I’m away that weekend… enjoy @raysco your Houseball is always great 🤙
  3. I think “flat” is the way I feel about that cab. No positive or negative feelings necessarily. Maybe a tiny bit of curiosity. So yeah, flat with a dash of vague curiosity.
  4. Took me a while to realise the guy talking wasn’t off over to the left playing another machine 😆
  5. I’ve had mixed results. Either alerts are doing nothing even when I can see new listings pop up when I check manually, or I’m getting spammed with dozens of emails all day when someone posts a vaguely relevant item
  6. Hey Andy QLD Family Pools have been used by a few people I know and feedback has been good queenslandfamilypools.com.au 👍
  7. Big thanks to Travis and Sarah for a great Houseball and all round great afternoon 😊👍 Thanks to Rusty and Cranky and everyone I saw helping it all run smoothy
  8. Hands down best Airbnb I’ve ever seen! Have to get up to Townsville for a visit 😊
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