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  1. @rayscocracker of a Houseball Ray that was a great afternoon. Big thanks to you & ‘Reen for opening the home having us around, and also big thanks to Rusty & Dave and everyone putting in work to make it great.
  2. I’ve got a 29 type 2. Absolutely love it! It’s my mame cab so it cops a thrashing. The plastic monitor surround has yellowed which is normal. But it’s the metal parts of the cab (access doors etc) where it shines. A servicemen’s dream! Rear hatch is pure class. Also the wooden game board sits horizontal as opposed to vertical which is pretty sweet 🤙
  3. Are those Pony uprights manufactured by Jaleco @namastepat?
  4. Nut grass is a pain mate, I know what you’re going through! Whenever I try to yank it out by hand I inevitably end up leaving the “nut” in the soil ready for it to sprout again. When I bought some nut grass poison I was amazed by how little the bottle was, wickedly expensive too
  5. Also in the animated series “Transformers: Rescue Bots” (episode 2 “under pressure”) the character Cody stays back to repair a pinball machine that one of the autobots broke. Tore the entire plunger out, clumsy oaf!
  6. Thanks Rusty good work finding one on the west side mate 👍 I’m in please
  7. Welcome Dennis! Nice intro 😊👍
  8. Hopefully it plays Another One Bites The Dust as you’re walking away at game over
  9. Hi mate, when I was at the comp last week I thought they said tonight was going to be a flip frenzy as opposed to a regular comp night. @DAGwill be able to confirm but thought I’d mention it 👍 Hope I’ve got that right!
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