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  1. Someone please buy this so I can stop dreaming. This is on my wish list of many. Credit to the owner. Looks amazing.👌
  2. Sorry to hear that m8. I like to do this once a year. We live in a small town and its always good to catch up with like minded people and have a few drinks and a feed. Yeah be awesome when we can go back to normal.🍻
  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 only one snag and one chop left so it must of been good. So of course I eat it when I got up.🤟🤟
  4. Just recovering from a semi alcohol fuelled night with a few friends and we were saying how stellar wars is very similar to flash.🤣🤣 made by Williams and probably the same year about. Very funny all but one of many i met through pinball and glad I did. Its just a bonus they like to drink sprits.
  5. Blowing up my machines
  6. Absolute amazing work m8.

  7. @OzStick i was just thinking it was good value for money as i am not good with computers. But thank you for the offer.
  8. Would of loved to go to this. Seen some news clips and photos. A lot of happy people. Glad it was a great success. Excellent job to all involved.🤘
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