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  1. Using the Wayback Machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20120815084042/https://www.firstpost.com/tech/why-does-all-matter-have-mass-higgs-boson-can-explain-367964.html
  2. Yes still not the best but at least it is quieter. I noticed there was an iso switch installed on the "upgrade".
  3. I remember walking past the arcades and seeing people playing those games, have not seen one for ages. They look big and heavy, 427kg! https://www.highwaygames.com/arcade-machines/dance-dance-revolution-5th-arcade-machine-8301/ I think DDR5 is emulated in MAME and on Playstation. Maybe run a small PC with an emulator and a pad? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313591117380?hash=item49037cb644:g:IS4AAOSwckJg4Skd
  4. I also have plans to maybe put in a new toilet on day. Will my recent earthworks, I got them to cut into the sewer line and install a future connection. Also got water run from the an existing tap at the back of the house to the new sewer connection and to a new tap at the front of the property near the driveway to wash cars. They also did some slab earthwork prep. This cost me $2,134.00
  5. Finally after a year or so of delays the work started on my wall. The builder used a Versawall https://www.adbrimasonry.com.au/commercials/retaining-walls/engineered-walls/versawall-1 Took days to get the soil out due to the tight space and small machine. It did rain right at the wrong moment when the soil was exposed but thankfully the soil did not collapse. I even found my old Tonka truck 🙂 at my parents place. Will post more as it progresses.
  6. In the end the wall configuration changed and the cable pretty much stayed as is. It is not very deep where I plan to put a slab down but should be ok as it already goes under the slab of the existing shed at that depth. Would have been nice if Telstra had put the cable deeper in the first place.
  7. My neighbors fixed the air con already! 🙂 It is just away from the downpipe now so it does not resonate loudly. The grass looked a bit greener back in 2013!
  8. I ended up re ordering the correct PCBs (I had used a different link) and made up the PCB. Works fine. Good thing to add as a backup but yes it would be good if the protection range could be dialed in for arcade monitor use.
  9. General info about doing mods in this thread. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/arcade/arcade-technical-and-repair-questions/pcb-and-monitor-repair-logs/102554-connecting-an-arcade-pcb-to-a-crt-tv
  10. If extendo does not have a Konami one I do.
  11. Fan remade GoldenEye inside Far Cry 5, took 3 years of work. https://kotaku.com/heres-goldeneye-007-remade-from-the-ground-up-in-far-cr-1847040225
  12. Uses a Raspberry pi 3A. More power! https://www.retrorgb.com/pistorm-for-amiga-micro-computers.html
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