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  1. Thats a good price for HDD adapter I remember awhile back the cost was quite high. In that listing to states SATA but the picture is PATA? Also can buy memory cards on ebay etc. https://tinyurl.com/22fjz93s
  2. Interesting idea. I guess they must put water pipes and electrical cable in the walls at some stage.
  3. Thanks Grant and Angela for a great Houseball, very welcoming. Great machines to play. Thanks also for all the Desserts everyone made - so good! and the pinball birthday cake too! Had lots of energy for the 4 hours of mountain biking I did the next day 🙂
  4. Nice photos thanks for posting. Like the mods and the slow mod (Turtle). Great info too. I have a transparent case Xbox somewhere in a box I should dig it out. Interesting on the TSOP I will try it out once I get the Xbox back and running, will be awhile for the caps arrive.
  5. Thanks for the info everyone. The Super cap has already been removed. I plan on replacing all PSU caps and the larger caps on the main board. Will see how it works then decide if I want to replace the rest. The dust was cleaned from the console when I first got it and yes its amazing how much gets in there! PS. It is softmod too.
  6. Opened it up. Had a look at the controller ports, they seem ok no PCB. But I did spy 5 vented caps on the main board and one on the PSU. Will have to make up a list and get replacements.
  7. Thanks yes I tried the controller on another Xbox and it works on the other Xbox. On the non working console the DVD IR does not work either.
  8. I fired up my Xbox that had not been used for a couple of years. None of the 4 controller ports work anymore. Does anyone know what the issue could be.
  9. Was being a Postie better years ago when it was mainly just letters. With everyone ordering items online and heaps of small parcels has that made it harder with all the volume?
  10. I had a look at this video and noticed its an IR gun. Will be interesting see how it interfaces with CRT and arcade games. https://youtu.be/UzQBhm2jEjE
  11. Thanks Dave and Sandy, great line up of machines and good to play the new Rush. Thank you also for a great feed, very nice. Also thanks to Russell for the entertainment of the random zapper game.
  12. Its been awhile but took ages to get polarizes and then to experiment with them as they arrived. I got linear ones and circular ones from different places. In the end I used a rear polarizer at 90deg (I think) and then a front one at 45deg. While it does work I think the screen is not dark enough and lets to much light though. It looks better than the picture. It is good to see the old screen working again though and it does prove that the screen is ok. So now I have a choice do I keep it the way it is or put the new screen in? no turning back once the new screen goes in!
  13. Looks really good, lots of hard work pays off.
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