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  1. Another bike video. Rider's first Redbull Rampage run - POV.
  2. Is there any DIP switch settings for the video output? Seems to be out of sync?
  3. Toyota slams electric-car extremism, say no motorists should be left behind. https://www.drive.com.au/news/toyota-takes-a-swipe-at-electric-car-extremists-says-no-motorists-should-be-left-behind/
  4. Good to see the shed for the final time. Sorry you and Jo went separate ways. We should do a console meet again down the track.
  5. Who else likes bands with no vocals. Was looking though my CDs and have not played this for a while. So good.
  6. Some coin mechs have alarm, inhibit, different coins on each line. eg. https://www.coinmech.com/images_products/images_supporting/2008.pdf
  7. Rainy day today so I replaced the main caps on the MB and all the PSU secondary caps. On the MB I used 5 x 1800uf instead of the 3 x 3300uf that were on there. Powered up and now all working fine.
  8. Would there be time to play them all, imagine all the old leaking caps on the Xbox consoles!
  9. From the first game console to the current one now, all for auction. https://consolevariations.com/blog/2400-consoles-1-million-dollars-would-you-buy-it
  10. Interesting idea. Wonder how bad it might be if a fire broke out. Also who has to clean the mirror! Big job 🙂
  11. Thats a good price for HDD adapter I remember awhile back the cost was quite high. In that listing to states SATA but the picture is PATA? Also can buy memory cards on ebay etc. https://tinyurl.com/22fjz93s
  12. Interesting idea. I guess they must put water pipes and electrical cable in the walls at some stage.
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