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  1. Purchased from them years ago now and they are reliable. That said anything that ships at that price, you can expect to take 30+ days. 3A are nice to deal with and the original and great for playing arcade classics, so don't expect to play dreamcast, n64 etc.
  2. Hey Homar, you could always get the family to Jamma converter cable which I've used a few times - https://electroarcade.com.au/collections/arcade-machine-components-accessories/products/converter-adapter-cable-for-jamma-to-pandora-family-arcade-motherboard-upgrade
  3. That looks super comfy. how is it to move around?
  4. Hey Steve, You've taken $700 a long way! well done and looks nicer than some machines worth much more coin. My last 3A pandora was a 5 and since moved to the clones, how are you finding the DX?
  5. Screen tearing is graphics distorting and not rendering smoothly. Its meant to be the graphics processor struggling to render image consistently. Consoles running emuelec and the like, might be able to overcome or reduce this by tweaking settings including frame skip. This cant be done on pandora boxes so you need to make sure you're purchasing a version that has enough go in it to handle the console/games you're wanting to play. If its just MAME then won't be as much of an issue. This might help - https://electroarcade.com.au/blogs/a...at-to-look-for
  6. For those who come across this, I've read that the PB5 that does CRT is actually a cloned PB4.
  7. I've read that the DX supports a trackball, but believe that's the only unit that does. While I started out with the genuine 3A Games pandora box 4,5 & 6, the DX spec wise is miles behind the current clones which have evolved faster. Still good for the older classics but struggles with newer consoles like N64, Dreamcast etc. Zerojay has worked a lot with PB6 and DX and compiled a great games collection for the PB6 - given that the biggest issue with such consoles is the consistency of titles on them. Currently, the pandora's box 3D GB3000 or 18s/Saga s812 will give you the best performance. https://electroarcade.com.au/blogs/arcade/game-console-pandoras-box-key-7-3d-dx-5-6-7-9d-11-12-18s-saga-esport-what-to-look-for
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