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  1. Looking for a Game of thrones (prefer either LE or Premium) Please let me know if you have one or know of one for sale.
  2. Offering for a person local to me in Melbourne (Carnegie) area. Anybody want a CRT TV in the Carnegie area. ... there’s a Teac CTW3250S-1 going for free. (think it’s 76cm widescreen with 2x SCART) PM me and I can get you an address for it if keen.
  3. Is this site any help for reproduction stuff? http://www.neogeoledmarquee.info/shop/
  4. @cwispy Hey there, I’d like to ask if there’s an update to this thread as I’m keen to buy a unit!!
  5. I only met him once in person so I can't say I knew him, but at the time he showed me about his warehouse, introduced me to his family working with him and shared some interesting story's about his past. You can find references to him and his work all over the place in our community which is a testament to him. R.I.P. Mark Condolences to his family.
  6. Looking to ask for thoughts, ideas and the pros and cons etc for this. Some items for sale on AA, eBay, Gumtree etc. are from sellers who don't want (or cannot) for what ever reason be shipped / posted / couriered. The items are a strictly a 'Local Pickup Only'... is the way I could describe it. I get it, at times I have items to sell that are way too big or I cannot get the time to correctly package, measure, weigh and quote to have things shipped so I ask for pickup only. Right now I have 2 items I want to buy from members on AA and for their own reasons (which I respect) they will not ship to me. (regardless of my offering to cover all freight, their time... not because of size / weight.... for no specific reason given, it is 'pickup only') I'd like to understand in this group with such a massive footprint on Australian soil why couldn't we organise a kind of "Proxy Pickup" service in here with other trusted members? Assuming the seller would be ok to have: - the item picked up by an identified and trusted AA member - already received your payment for their goods before handing them over Example case... in the AA marketplace there's a CP being sold for pickup only in Melbourne, it's about 5 min drive from my home so I could pick it up and post / courier it to somebody quite easily.
  7. I'm starting a new thread with "I was loading my Vewlix clone from my sidewalk and had to go get my ute... that's when it got stolen". ;) Hahahahaha Massive score @Reuben ... I'm glad there's another cab not going to landfill!!
  8. If I am back through there tonight I'll see if it's still there and grab it to do a pcb check for you
  9. The Magnavox seemed in great condition but I know nothing about them and had very little in the way of connectivity options on the rear of the unit. I hope somebody takes them all. I couldn’t help myself, I went back and grabbed the Sony too... I can’t stand the thought of 5 CRTs off to landfill. The Sony is a flat screen... the model is KV-XJ29M31 and it fires up nicely. I’ll check how good / bad the unit is tomorrow. Thank you, now that I have rescued I’ll go on the hunt for some manuals and consider when I can get in to read that tube!!
  10. So, it certainly isn’t widescreen and it’s not dead-flat although it has only a slight curve really. I grabbed it... plugged it in and result is it’s firing up. If anybody happens to see a manual or anything for it I’d be appreciative for the share. :) ... there are now 4 more screens there at the same place, pics attached. (Caulfield, Melbourne if anybody can stop these from landfill)
  11. Hey all, this is near my place. Is it worth rescuing as a backup for New Astro City or Blast City? I can’t find anything about it online as yet. Model: Mitsubishi CT-29AC2(A)
  12. Anything Arduino powered is great, but the handmade picaxe is the best! Well done. (man you've done a lot with the picaxe platform)
  13. I have a Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition board and cart, purchased while living in the UK.
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