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  1. Has anyone watched the Schumacher movie yet haven't got around to it personally but hopefully over this weekend Currently watching Blindspot which isn't too bad mix of Prison Break and The Blacklist yep that was good
  2. A mate of mine bought some from Pinball Centre the colour was slightly off from what he said but once in the game playing I never noticed
  3. Man missed it one game I would love to own one day
  4. I've used floorplanner before pretty good has arcade and pinball stuff to input furniture as well
  5. Would you look at others and what price? I'd be interested in some for my N64 NES GC Sega MD but I'd like to see maybe characters from those consoles on the cover mario cart for my 64 for example sonic for my MD
  6. This feature which i used heaps is no longer there? did you change anything i loved it clicking on the latest threads then choosing the area which you are interested in was a great navigation tool for me
  7. Hmmm Ok I honestly thought you would be over $2K for this machine by now in the range of $2-3 maybe good luck with the search �
  8. Hey Darren wondering what the going rate is?
  9. Looking for CIB Mega Drive titles show me what you have specifically: Dragon MKII Sonic 3 would consider other titles as well just trying to fill more of my colection cheers
  10. I have Sonic and Knuckles loose? no box and manual pm if interested
  11. Join here heaps of great guys and this title seems to come up often https://www.facebook.com/groups/606156296128691/
  12. Looking for NBA Jam TE/Hangtime if you're selling
  13. I have a NBA Jam dedicated arcade almost mint love it looking for the TE and Hangtime PCB to put in it now as stated above, Double Dragon and Wonderboy don't have dedicated cabs well, DD does but will be an import Wonderboy never did
  14. Looking forward to Umbrella Academy coming back end of June I think it was
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