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  1. Event Title: Yaboola - 10 Strike Fair strikes - The Battle of Waterloo - Part 1 Event Author: DAG Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 11/12/21 12:00 AM The Battle of Waterloo, Sponsored by "The Waterloo Bay Hotel" is an Epic all day Battle of 10 Strike Fair Strikes all played on Multiball Mania Machines at Wynnum and is Part 1 of a 2 part Battle. The Battle of Waterloo's Second battle follows with a 13 Round Group Match Play. IFPA APPROVAL GRANTED Our series will be decided when we combine the results of both battles and Crown our overall winner as our inaugural winner of "The Battle of Waterloo 2021" This event starts at 9:00 am sharp with registrations until 8:45 am, Prize money on offer...Limited to 50 players Tickets available via Event-brite here https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-battle-of-waterloo-by-multiball-mania-tickets-206200580487 Group Knockout, Random Seeding, Balanced General Pairing, Balanced Play Order, Balanced Arenas, 10 Strikes with (0,1,1,2 Strikes) Yaboola - 10 Strike Fair strikes - The Battle of Waterloo - Part 1
  2. Thanks to everyone that responded...........Your comments were most helpful.... I bought it anyway and the news is I think I stole it.... So what did I pay???
  3. Wouldn't not hosting give you more time and less stress to be an organizer??? @Cranky Dave didn't have a meet? Sort a date and venue and most of the Stress belongs to the Host? Unless I've totally missed something? And if so tell me...
  4. I know you should consult with Rusty but wouldn't this be better if PM'd to the actual Houseball crew in the current Houseball Thread or even better. Announced at Houseball??? Same 6 people seeing this here and at the moment it's you and me? Not sure what the F happens on F/B thou so 1 other may have read this??? Can't get new organizers if Nobody gets told and most don't see this forum any more (Sad Sad) ????
  5. Already doing new comps at Multiball Mania 2 times each month and already suppling the $50 plus acoustic backed clipboards $500-$600 in total) for every machine and also supply the bag o lollies each time. Already much more involvement than most.... Maybe those that can't host an event can put their hand up??? That makes more sense to me.....But may as well be talking to the wall in some cases. Some only want to use others equipment. It's like any sporting club or organisation. Those that never have helped probably never will and will be the first to complain and the last to help. I've also done 2 years of scoring and score-sheets which Rusty decided he would do again. I agree that it would be a shame to let Houseball die. It's also time for someone fresh to take over. No offense to Rusty but it seems your priorities have changed. And good for you. Anyone going to make any constructive critism?
  6. Just realized why this may not have been as popular as the last event advertised? 6 Flip Frenzies on the same weekend......
  7. Hey Buddy, happy to have a flick on any pin. Doesn't have to be lots. 1 is enough. too many is never enough. Not having a go. Just saying the usual freeloaders from houseball is a bigger group generally. I'm actually not playing as much as I used to at houseball or any event. More into talking shite these days. And remembering guys like YEE and TOADS...Bless them...
  8. Please remind me how this works? Can I look for just an area? or maybe a particular site? Or even a machine? I have no eye dear?
  9. Lucky for you I don't have your new address... Only Joking..... What an Awesome day or so late Birthday Present.......Enjoy Mate
  10. Stamps are worthless...........And if you happen to have a rare one good luck in the buyer letting on what it's really worth.... First day releases can be got anywhere anytime last I heard..... Another Joke IMO
  11. No but you wouldn't sell it for that either?
  12. Then I must be too I just thought no point leaving money in the bank I'd rather enjoy it. Thus 5 years ago unknowingly I joined your club. Do I get a membership number?
  13. So I've not sited this yet but being a Hankin who knows what it may be worth. I've been told the same guy has had this for 30 years and he won it in a pub raffle form a pub he never went to? Either way it has sitting for a while and worth is a hard one with a Hankin? Hard to get parts I assume. Plastics etc would be rare but the boards should be able to be worked on. I believe these had some battery that was way different to most machines thus I'm hoping leakage is not a problem. Either way and site unseen is hard but has anyone any idea what these are going for? Any help appreciated.
  14. DAG


    ACNC (Spooky) was around $7,500 US with all options except Buttercoat cab. With freight from overseas, then conversion to AUS, the GST? which didn'y add up, and $200 for Bill was 2 years ago all up $11,500 from my recollection. That won't be far from it. The dollar is within 2-3 cents of what it was when I purchased some 3 tears ago and delivered approx 26months ago. Just prior to BM 2019 edition at the EKKA. I think these are now coming in via someone other than the Slevin Bros in Newcastle. I think that's a good thing and I have my reasons.
  15. I would if I had one. I think the target may need to be raised .5mm so the ball can't sit there so easy. I've yet to get back to site totry and fix.
  16. Yea yea. Woka's would have been top notch based on what he usually has. Pinball Perfection has a beauty with the sound on only 1 I can't hear my Boss speakers in the caprice 300 meters away on full volume with the doors shut. It is Pure Perfection.
  17. You obviously need to find an old GnR that has been loved to the point of amazing.......With the right sound the old machine punches above it's weight for its age...
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