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  1. Yep, I reckon it's all in my oversized picture.

    I'll work on it tonite.

    My old pic is rather fuzzy so time to add a better one

    1. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

      yeah mate it took me ages to get the right size or as close to 500 gig as  possible a real pain in the ass  i had to use another program like photoshop or something like that   to get the pics the right size but once i did that you can change the pics very easily it took me all morning to work it out but now ive got 3 pics redy to go if want to change it its been pissing down all day here and ive been meaning to do this for a while hows the weather in up north in mighty queensland? hope this has helped ya out  its made my day having someone ask me how to do something on here cause i know bugger all about pinball repair but i do know how to play them if ya get stuck give me hoy cheers mate


    2. DAG


      Sunny, windy, and being my own boss I've still got my Qld State of origin PJ's on

      Just couldn't be bothered today

      Just crusin to be honest

    3. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

       sounds sweet i do miss darren lockyer

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