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  1. Did you know Yaboola and The Waterloo Bay Hotel have around $1,000.00 prizes & money on offer if we sell all 50 tickets to The Battle of Waterloo next Saturday..... That's right $1,000.00 for just $50 entry and 2 major comps all IFPA Approved. Check Saturday the 11th December on the Aussie Arcade site for more details... If you can't make both events then send me a message and we may be able to sort 1 event ticket on the day for $30 each event. So support your newest local pinball place and come enjoy the Battle. and your chance to win big.
  2. Now it is all irrelevant.......... What you're buying is an upgrade, A bad Playboy beats a good Nugent any day IMO But not at 8k, thats way too much for bits n bobs
  3. With the wrong artwork is this an issue? Possibly a door off a different Bally and a williams coin slot not a Bally one? It all depends on if you are doing a total resto IMO Good luck
  4. Happy Birthday James.........I bought you a haircut............ Ouch.........That's like getting hit in the head with a hammer........... Nailed it.............. Have a good one, or two, or...............
  5. Awesome news....I did try @Htbast thanks again. This is such a great story.
  6. Yes Yes Yes, but can anyone answer my original question? Can I play this on the big screen at Multi-ball Mania during comps? If it's a yes then I'll get it done. Just need an answer first? Please? Anyone?
  7. Hello Jason, so does this date to when the points re-started? Like can I let my punters know that places 1, 2, & 3 from the last few events have qualified? Coming tonite? triple members draw?
  8. It's a lotta pinball for sure......Are you coming? With good numbers, there is expected to be close to $1,000.00 in prize money.... So what are you all waiting for?
  9. Sorry but I never opened a link and now I have tried it didn't open. No biggie really, all the pics I saw are resto pics otherwise the displays wouldn't have changed colours? Maybe check what is posted above. Not being smart, just honest. But that usually gets me in the shit as well.
  10. What I mean by different finishes is If I was a buyer what am I buying not what was it? I bought a Yellow car but but it used to be white??? Thats about it. Display the item for sale. Not photos of what I won't get? It is a sale after all. Not a resto report.
  11. to be honest why white displays and photos of different finishes? Can you post what is actually for sale? Not being smart but the photo's vary on the way thru??? And to be more honest I have a beautiful CENTAUR and ponder it's current worth based on a comment when Bill delivered a machine 13 months back??? How the time flies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Based on what I see the asking price is very much a great buy......... You must have some beauties if this is on the chopping block. The old Bastard / Bitch has the best heart beat after all.... GLWS
  12. So if I don't do Facebook??? Is he trying to sell these....F'd if I can tell.........
  13. All the Brisbane, Yaboola, Gold Balls, and the north coast flips are in??? Not sure where you are looking at but they all seem to be there from what I can see...
  14. If anyone knows where to start ask @namastepat will be the first point of call for you.......... That's it with this topic for me....Turning the light off now Marcus.....I'm offended........lol
  15. Information wanted regarding this video.......... Hey there @Htbast i'm asking if there is a possibility that we can run this on a loop on the BIG Screen TV at Multiball Mania, Wynnum when Yaboola Club have comp nights? It's an excellent insight for so many. And with the passing of Toads below I'm not sure where to start. I know Marco has done the work but the video is another story again. Not great with this but want to honor the brilliance of this work and those that own it........ It needs to be shared. I,m happy to get it on the screen via the owner but I'm omly the middleman wanting to expose pinball for all it's glory......... Can anyone help?
  16. Hey @KJS just as a side note. If it helps David Clarke has joined last night and he lives about 2 minutes from you. You have met as he talks about your MAD MAX.... I know comps aren't your mainstream but this may be a good ride share opportunity. If you don't have or want his details let me know.... There maybe a Fish Tales you could feed to the sharks if you talk to the right guy.....Or more orders for bits n bobs. Hope to see you there soon. Cheers, Beardy Dave
  17. Last nights winner was Grant Quinn with Sam Convery in second and Scott Piper in 3rd place. The members draw will again multiply as the winner was again not there??? Lisa NZ is not that far away.......... See you again in a fortnight........
  18. Stop shopping at Coles Ascot you Dumb Ass..........Ha Ha c u tonite... Hey, I'm not sure which Monkey you are on about? The one with his fingers in his ears or the one with the tounge in mouth? Ha......
  19. OK, so I understand Toppers, awesome, fun, interesting and even dildo..... But Marcus can you please explain your version of an Overrated Wank......lol....I can't wait for this answer....
  20. I especially love the versions of Love Takes Care & Be With You...............Very Classy
  21. Hey Rusty, due to unforeseen border crap James will NOT be able to attend. Thanks, BD
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