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  1. They are never big enough. Well done Pat. Did you start when you started the thread 9 years ago? Only a few more years and it'll get finished. Want new carpet then touch base at the next houseball if it ever happens?
  2. It's on again tomorrow night..... We have the Beatles Chicks from the variety bash turning up for some games if all goes well. We also will be giving away more cash for our winners, the members draw has carried over thanks to Curtis donating back his win from last fortnight... The previous event has been submitted to IFPA awaiting points allocation. I look forward to seeing you all there. And Davy Irving don't forget your free drink from last time.🍺
  3. FLASH.....I love unadulterated pinball Just play and make the shots........... Only 20% of player 1's score on last ball and with skill you chase it down and double that score........I can never get tired of that...
  4. Agreed... I ran our 1st comp almost a fortnight ago and have not submitted results as looking at this and chatting with our state rep we have different opinions / thoughts. I have another comp Wednesday night and the following week as well. As a Fresh TD I struggle enough with technology and am reluctant to submit and get it wrong. All this is overwhelming enough for me and all I / We need is answers. If #1 has trouble sorting this from a month ago from Brewdog then I don't know how my entry will turn out? I've added a overview of the last 2 years comments that have me asking WTF is actually the deal. On top of that please I really do appreciate all the volunteer work done by all aspects of admin etc. So asking not whining? IFPA Points - WTF is happening.docx
  5. HA HA Never seen or heard of this title before Tahnx for the response
  6. Hi Edy, hope you are well Ritchie says gidday...............
  7. And that Fat Miss Piggy chasing the poor little Kermit the Frog..... Then there's the Chef making sweet F-all Hmmmmm mork mork mork.....
  8. Stuff Bowie and his penisless tit show Just do Jim Hensens "The Muppets" I want to see the Animal Drum Solo Mode Dup do do ditty....
  10. Unique choice of machine There is one around Brisbane but until hell freezes over I won't even mention who it is that won't even consider selling it? Sounds great too....................... Good Luck
  11. Awsome However you may want to remove your number and add send me a PM GLWS Beardy Dave
  12. go to your profile  on your current pic there will be a little icon on the corner of it click on that and then a screen will come up asking to choose to ethier drag a photo or up load one  i choose the fist option which is upload one then i clicked on up load a single file so have your pics in a file thats easy to access 

  13. Yep, I reckon it's all in my oversized picture.

    I'll work on it tonite.

    My old pic is rather fuzzy so time to add a better one

    1. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

      yeah mate it took me ages to get the right size or as close to 500 gig as  possible a real pain in the ass  i had to use another program like photoshop or something like that   to get the pics the right size but once i did that you can change the pics very easily it took me all morning to work it out but now ive got 3 pics redy to go if want to change it its been pissing down all day here and ive been meaning to do this for a while hows the weather in up north in mighty queensland? hope this has helped ya out  its made my day having someone ask me how to do something on here cause i know bugger all about pinball repair but i do know how to play them if ya get stuck give me hoy cheers mate


    2. DAG


      Sunny, windy, and being my own boss I've still got my Qld State of origin PJ's on

      Just couldn't be bothered today

      Just crusin to be honest

    3. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

       sounds sweet i do miss darren lockyer

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