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  1. Thanks all. I got exactly what I expected. Even from some of the people that I expected and with comments likened to them. That's life. It has just proved to me what I tought I knew about some things are true and that there where actually no surprises in any of the given answers. Happy to continue this in person rather than from behind a keyboard. If any of you want to make the effort. Other than that many many thanks to the dozen or so that turned up at Yaboola last night to help clean and set up for the AMD Qld Invitational weekend. All jobs completed early and many games, banter and good old mental health issues addressed. Cheap Drinks and No cover charge was required. Only a few more sleeps for those Comps to begin. Fun, Fun, Fun, Brothers and Sisters............
  2. Hard to Police and also opinion based. The responses indicate this from all points of view and that's fine. This is a forum after all. 2 things I should add considering I started this it's obvious that this is ongoing and it involves a small percentage. 1.5% at best. This is why I have spoken. 1/ Would you rather see this happen at my venue and I whine later after it's done OR ask now like I have. Yes my wording is harsh. It got some responses...Mission achieved. 2/ I don't want this to happen at my venue because no matter how competitive you are or are not. I want you to have fun. Meet people and catch up with mates that share a common bond we call pinball. Yes. That's what I want. fun.
  3. Thanks Ray, as usual many people read things and take their point of veiw be it thought thru or not. Pinball is about as damned well social as it can be. Having fun with mates and newbies alike. It is as you say not the be all and end all. Competitive pinball with an attitude like mine is what is required to have the balls to tell it like it is. What you don't get is how much joy these people take away from the newbies. You would be surprised how many people have asked who was that wanker we just played with and why does he act like that? I've not berated anyone whom is not deserving of the reason they have left? As Rob Milla mentions there are many reasons to leave early. All those reasons are fine. That is not what this is about. As I said to KJS the comps you comment about you don't attend thus how can you see what happens regularly and actually understand it. It is not stressing me at all. I had the chance to start a new topic and I did. I knew it would upset some but basically it won't get to the the ears of those that leave in such a manner. As for mental health. Pinball is GREAT for my mental health. People who only pip up when they don't agree and only then are not good for mental health. They are oblivious to the reality of mental health. That is my ENTITLED OPINION - You don't have to like it.
  4. Hi Rob, all you say is true but you missed the bit about intentional protection of the species this mentions. Never anything wrong with any of the reasons you have stated. That is all sensible. Even the bit about paying and leaving. It's no issue to the higher ranked player but the player that just needs an extra 0.23 points or less in that comp to qualify elsewhere. EG-State Championships is whom suffers. It poor form from poor losers. That is all..... It's not chance when a player knows a machine inside out including rules, modes and can save post pass etc etc... That is skill Mr Savage. Tell me you don't have any skill to go with that other ability you have??? All comps mean different things to many people.... That would be why you don't do comps until it happens in your backyard. Comps don't mean much to you. Well said Rob....Now where is that Donkey you rode in on....lol Sometimes both but mostly rating in these cases. Thanks for the back up and explanation for some that don't get it.
  5. I'm going to go Home early??? I'm looking for opinions about players that leave a Competition Early.... I'm not going to make the finals or score points so I'm going to leave before the event finishes to look after myself and my points? Are you F...ing serious. You F....ing Prick. I reckon you should go home for a wank. It suites you. What makes you so Special (Really I Know) that you think it's OK to piss off just because you are not playing to your full potential. Lessor players just wish that you would stay home. You Nerf the points of the punters you take money and points from at every competition you hang around for. This is a low form of cheating IMO. That's an opinion I'm entitled to have. I'm no high end player but I love beating a high ranked player. There are some real good players that I have never finished above in a competition (Peter F...ing Watt) or is that F for Francis? That is fine by me. He is a Legend. The others are just as good as cheats and have a (Midnight Oil) Short Memory. You seriously don't deserve the points you have if you leave early and Rob the lower ranked player of a good day or night out. I'd actually breath a sigh of relief as you leave as I really didn't want to play a game with someone like you anyway. Cop That MO-FO. If this happens at my competitions I will mention prior that you will not be welcomed back. See you at the AMD Queensland State Invitational Weekend. Play all day or stay away. There. Point Made. Now it's your turn.
  6. Group Mtch Play IFPA scoring 7, 5. 3, 1 with most points wins Starts 6.30 pm with last game approx 9pm $20 members - $25 NON members All machines on free play
  7. Event Title: Yaboola Pinball Club Match Play 3 Event Author: DAG Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 01/03/23 06:30 PM Group Mtch Play IFPA scoring 7, 5. 3, 1 with most points wins Starts 6.30 pm with last game approx 9pm $20 members - $25 NON members All machines on free play Yaboola Pinball Club Match Play 3 89 Bay Terrace, Wynnum, Queensland, 4178
  8. Group Match Play Starts 6.30pm last game starts approx 9pm 7, 5, 3, 1 IFPA scoring and most points wins $20 members & $25 NON members
  9. Event Title: Yaboola Pinball Club Match Play 2 Event Author: DAG Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 15/02/23 06:30 PM Group Match Play Starts 6.30pm last game starts approx 9pm 7, 5, 3, 1 IFPA scoring and most points wins $20 members & $25 NON members Yaboola Pinball Club Match Play 2 89 Bay Terrace, Wynnum, Queensland, 4178
  10. Broken Backglass huh.... Is he still a mate...lol Shit Happens hey. And it could have happened at the start of the resto not the end.... Either way fantastic job. As always... And I hope that next time I see you it's not when the lift door opens and you get out as I get in..? I think Auckland 2020 is the last time we caught up. Take Care....
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