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  1. I don't think there is but can we get some gameplay before we consider spending 2k on a topper?
  2. Hmmmn... As everyone will comment like Who wants a Hankin.... That's what I got when I purchased FJ just before X-mas.... Not turned on for 10 years...1 leg 2 inches shorter due to rust and water. A quick clean of the cab, boards serviced by JWG Enterprizes as per the norm for me and new rubbers and it's fully functional for under 2k. I would however ask if I was to sell $3,500 minimum.... In fact in the current market another Thou on top of that wouldn't be unreasonable. And yes it's a Hankin, yes it's Aussie Built, and Yes at the end of a game plays...... You guessed it..... Come on Aussie Come on Come on....Come on Aussie Come on............... Friggin Priceless.... GLWS
  3. Note title "Anyone Keen for a Townsville Holiday" ???? Plus Bucks night ???? I'd consider it ???? lol
  4. Still not fully operational??? Why isn't the Grand Final IFPA Approved. Gonna do my best to represent Qld....Any takers for a possible Road Trip???
  5. I'll let you know when it happens again..... lol
  6. Bloody Madaz Mazda owners can get stuffed.... Went to golf 2 weeks back and at 5am the Bloody Mazda Wankers were driving from roundabout to roundabout letting no-one pass. Don't those dickheads have anything better to do at 5am My 20 cents worth
  7. Tickets are now available via our Yaboola Website Take a peep and get onboard and challenge Tony Woods last years winner and Curtis The 2021 Queensland champion
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