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  1. I guess I am the one who doesn't know what terminology to use. I watched a YouTube clip of the game (which didn't help at all) and thought that there were only 5 levels... from your and John's comments I expect that there is a lot more to it that I thought.
  2. I've made it to round 3 and thought I'd worked out a few tricks to getting better scores but my score is nothing like yours.
  3. 39,680 [ATTACH=CONFIG]60467[/ATTACH] This game is very frustrating.... I am not sure I understand how to play it but my score is increasing.
  4. I wasn't even that good. The first score I posted (without screen shot) was 4,750 and only managed 17800 on the first day. My first goal was to beat the 20k that is the default high score.
  5. 15500 [ATTACH=CONFIG]60288[/ATTACH] Only played 3 games so score will improve but thought I'd get a score in on the first day. Another game I had never played, seen or heard of..... hopefully somewhere in this competition we come across a game I know.
  6. 152100 [ATTACH=CONFIG]60287[/ATTACH] Only had one game tonight and didn't actually play too well. Lost a couple of lives early but still beat my highest score through finding more hidden items.
  7. Not enjoying this game, not really my type of game. There was a moment after constantly being killed and before I found the end of Round 3 that I started to enjoy it but I am over it now and I am still not happy with my score. I couldn't get a score to post tonight
  8. 106,050 [ATTACH=CONFIG]60237[/ATTACH] Managed to get through Level 3 this time but I never found the illusive 50K bonus
  9. I am sure I know where you mean.... I didn't know that you can do a standing jump like that so I kept running and jumping but could get it right so I went off trying to find other ways up.
  10. 80,650 I don't seem to be able to find my way through Round 3..... have run out of time a few times. [ATTACH=CONFIG]60198[/ATTACH]
  11. I read that it happened to someone else on here and it made me think. When I get into the situation that I can afford a pinball I'd be devastated to have this happen to me. That's what I was thinking.
  12. I read in a thread a little while ago that someone had a pinball they bought taken away as it was proven to be stolen. Is there a way check if the pinball is stolen before you buy it? With cars you can do a Rev's check for example. Is there anything you can do to check to cover yourself from such catastrophe? One day I will venture into buying a pinball, for now I can't afford it, but when I do I would like to someone safe guard myself.
  13. 72100 I seem to be improving, but I don't think there is enough time for me to improve enough. [ATTACH=CONFIG]60152[/ATTACH]
  14. I would love to get the Fish Tales, sounds perfect for me, but in the foreseeable I don't see me having the cash. Goodluck with the sale
  15. I had forgotten about that one but remember others.
  16. Me too.... I think the C64 version is harder than the arcade version.
  17. I have had a few games now and I am still terrible. I wish there was a way to speed up the continue countdown.... it's wasting valuable time... I seem to be watching it more than playing the game itself.
  18. [ATTACH=CONFIG]60038[/ATTACH] 17800 was all I managed before midnight, this is going to take some practice.
  19. 4,750 (No screen shot.... I will worry about that when I play again.... Hopefully my scores get better rather than worse) My first ever game of this. I have no memory of even seeing it before..... I should have this sorted and be at the top of the leader boards soons :lol
  20. Can someone point me in the right direction to get information on the MGL thing? I would like to know how to enter, what the rules are etc. but can't find a thread that tells me (although I have found a lot of threads)
  21. I have never seen one of these before so I looked it up.... looks very interesting. Good luck finding one
  22. Would have grabbed them if I wasn't too slow.... would also like a digital copy.
  23. If a Skill Tester is of working order, wouldn't it be OK? Why would an older Skill Test not be able to be sited? They are pretty much the same thing aren't they?
  24. I saw this one.... I would love to own Fish Tales as my first pinball but the price scared me off in this case.
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