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  1. Perhaps providing the computer specs would help the sale?
  2. I agree on the Playboy, but don't really understand listing it for sale if it isn't available. Who Dunnit is a fun game, I own one and have a few people that'd like to buy it from me.
  3. That Playboy must have sold fast. Listed as pending and has only been posted for a minute. I know a couple of people keen on Who Dunnit? GLWS
  4. If I had a clue on how to fix this I'd be all over it.
  5. Unfortunately the world of virtual pinball moves on pretty quickly as does computers and screen technology. These machines look to be imports which are known to underperform and in general give the world of Virtual Pinball a bad name. The playfield screen is only Full HD not 4K which is what most will be after and the computer specs aren't provided as they aren't able to handle the latest and best games created. The flipper lag is the thing most people notice about these and complain about. Not trying to be a jerk about this and I wish you the best with your sale. If yours is the same as one selling for double what you're asking, make mention of that in the for sale listing. I live near you and read what you had with interest, but unfortunately it isn't good enough for me to purchase.
  6. You made me go search fonts but I can't find where this is an Iron Maiden font. I've found a font called Metal Lord which looks like it matches pretty well and there are some very strong similarities for some letters with the Iron Maiden logo. Is there actually a full Iron Maiden font?
  7. Maybe he had the batteries in backwards
  8. The link worked when he posted it. Not sure who the OP is or who he is meant to be
  9. They are legit. David Gilmore is the owner and started out as just himself. Not sure if they've made some changes to their page recently as I couldn't find something I was interested in looking at but ended up being on the site but the link was different.
  10. A little derailment here, but I'm probably in that category, but have managed to work my way through everything I've come up against so far. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with help from forum posts. I'll add to that though a couple of things. There are a number of people out there taking money to repair pinball machines but have no idea what they are doing. I purchased a game that I thought was priced ok (after haggling as their initial price was way off for its condition) even though there were known concerns listed in the ad and I identified other issues while looking at it (and through doing a little homework). I was told that their pinball repairer wasn't able to fix a couple of things and that new parts would be required and I was told that some things had been repaired. Essentially, the things they said couldn't be repaired, have been repaired by me and it come down to a technician not really being a technician. The other thing I wanted to add is that it isn't only that people are tight arsed and don't want to pay for a trusted repairer, but trusted repairers are generally busy and have a back log in my experience. I can work through most problems before the people I trust would have time to repair it for me. Anyway... back to the topic..... I purchased games when I did because that is when I could afford them. After more than 20 years of wishing I could afford them, my life got me into a position that I had some money that I could spend on things for myself. Did I overpay? Probably. Do I care? Not really as I don't really want to sell what I've bought and if I lose money on them when I do sell, well that is how selling things was as I grew up. If you sold something you usually did so at a loss. I'm not sure if prices will come down as I've not seem them come down in the time I've watched prices, I just kept waiting for the bubble to burst but it never did. If the prices do come down, I'll probably buy more.
  11. My favourite memories of Pinfest are the ones such as meeting Cruiser and understanding his appreciation for EM pinball in particular and being and to enjoy playing one of his immaculate machines in a 2 player game with him. It wouldn't have been possible if I wasn't a contributor and it's a moment I'll always remember. We played a brand new Iron Maiden first and then went over to his for a much more mellow game. So good.
  12. There is still plenty of attention for the event. The "people" still want it, it's the contribution of pinball machines that is lacking compared to previous years. Don't get me wrong, there are still enough games to make the event worthwhile but there is a down turn in the number of people that are able to bring their machine in. The number of people through the doors was definitely a COVID thing, we cut back to be within regulations but charged more so that it was still worthwhile from a charity perspective which also gave the added benefit of those who attend get more time to play on the machines as there is much less of a line up. For those that do contribute, you get the contributors shirt as mentioned above, there has also been an poster gifted but for me, the best part is that on Saturday night we have a contributors session where only those that contribute (and usually their partner) get in and play. This night alone with great people means great times and makes it worthwhile for me. This years event will still be a success, but the event can't continue without people willing to contribute.
  13. I hope they are good. Will wait to hear more. I'd prefer to buy from someone other than that site though.
  14. Interested in a topper for Last Action Hero if someone has one
  15. I can't seem to get an account with Free Jukebox. The confirmation email never comes through. I can't see anywhere to download the software without having an account so am guessing I need the account first.
  16. I've not heard of ZenPoint before. It looks decent at first glance. I'll have a better look. The PC specs you list are well and truly good enough. You could run Ghost Spectre as your OS to make it lightweight too. As far as Nordbeats, I love it, it gives a heap of flexibility but doesn't seem well known. I paid $50 for it because it wasn't free years ago when I set up my jukebox because when testing it, it was the only software that did what I wanted. You can can put it into Kiosk mode and that stops party goers from being able to skip songs and change the volume whilst letting them select music to add to the cue. You can control everything from an Admin screen or from a mobile phone. You can set a limit of how many songs in a row of the same artist and you can set a time in which a song can't be repeated. It's really good in my opinion.
  17. If you want to run videos then you'll need video Jukebox software. Do you have the files of the videos that you want to run or are you hoping to stream it all? My Video Jukebox (http://www.myvideojukebox.com/) is cool if you're happy to stream from YouTube. Specs depend on how you are going to run it. It doesn't need to be much to play video and music. If you want to run software on the computer and have your own library that you'll be playing, you could potentially use Nordbeats Jukebox. I've not tried to use it for video though. https://nordbeat.com/en/nordbeats-jukebox/
  18. I've used MP3Tag before, it's good. Music Brainz Picard is another good option. I even paid for Magic MP3 Tagger at one time so that I could do thousands of songs quickly.
  19. Are the files not working mp3's or a different file format?
  20. I don't use DW Jukebox but think I have your answers. The song information that will display isn't the file name although some software might allow you to use this the most common thing is for it to pull Title, Artist and Album etc. from tags in the file. If you right click on the file and choose properties and then look at the Details tab, try setting the song title in there as well as the artist and see how you go. As for buttons, there are a number of ways of doing this. You could buy an arcade controller such as an i-pac and wire in the buttons or you could hack a computer keyboard. Either way you essentially end up with a USB controller that you connect to a USB port and have the buttons assigned keyboard strokes.
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