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  1. A rear diff for an R30 Skyline This is not an R30
  2. I never said you did lowball. I said I didn't want to sell at lowball prices. I did get the impression that you wanted to lowball through the way your post came across to me. I said I'm happy to sell at a reasonable price. If someone was to sell outside of eBay, I imagine they'd want the deal to work for them as well, not just you. You say you'd say $20 on the deal. Why not save $10 and let the seller get an extra $10? I didn't look further then the first few results on eBay, I didn't look hard and saw those prices and thought they were reasonable.
  3. You said you don't want to pay eBay prices. Why is it wrong for me to say I don't want to be lowballed? I don't really care if I sell or not, would happily sell at a reasonable price though.
  4. Let's approach this differently, what price do you think is fair for each? The first Vita when I search PS Vita is under $200 delivered. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373880868285?hash=item570d094dbd:g:LNkAAOSwlYph5LpD&frcectupt=true Two of the first 4 I find when searching PSP are around the $100 mark. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/194749666597?hash=item2d57fc1525:g:ybMAAOSwSiNh59Jg https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154781522690?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2409b29b02:g:0NIAAOSw1CRh1Lf0&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsStEKTPzZMfQmny3knR97t0BRaN5UhDhoBZ5Ngu89ng%2Flj5MAiShwtBLASRk3j8vY76AOF0JAwr%2FKggdPteAQLzYjWdN%2B3WzoR%2BKM6a6uMbfnJq8DB9gB%2FkrQdARUCyU9Iqyx%2FyeoNbHUR1d1jxPWHw%2F5PGADuGz1P%2BKnKNNlxLNy4cbZhwKWsV8NDCpcwXW6bHUYsjoGUuiqUmO%2BkgLnUo2gG2SDumnKmT%2B3x%2BLNmSv2u9s5b7GUgd3jV34q0tbsPKwcJUJ3XOkH0b3CN2njkEBPuElhjV0TjmBzaGnGBFkvgmJWA%2Bo2yEWTVrRzmxrxESq37ZVjAYzZS0tmtEOPJke4wj9Ry55EqOixStpzbvC5c6i9oVhZLqD3OjdeLoJVVr5s58fzlPcr4ZYGy38IRchou8iIMFUaTlX63haseCQtYRPRdAKMVImE%2FVUrfw%2FDtkej%2BiOgPqs0zEuv2OmDJQqiuI7pNs84l9vxaiKGvHdnx%2FEt8vI8owtZNkcLg78BW55I188AayjaOf8MbgEY2do0rGBgXT8aa8ifP6n0Iq5lLiHhC30q1h7xsnEZcg7zI1hUgt4Ud2IPjM4EIOEDKd31PxloEn69qXJylRERur6Dfn62v1oX3b%2BJ6f1jorOX8JN243VbI71lHhNACZTPq%2FUuZOkQqDgwA5dJmbOdnDsDD5M2A0bec2PnW79pO7xI1t6IYnWT5KHZpSv72QaeZms56swxy83z8VP0hXrNFhbcDF6PH8Bf2Yc5G0ACvLgwsrK7FMzzn8%2BW%2B4yzguy%2BhSBSmuxMtRJyM2GJDahL9Lxj8ynKOUq%2Fb6ha0HzijA3WV|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABFBMjo2Jy85f
  5. When I checked eBay after seeing your post, PSP's seem to be somewhere around the $100 mark which to me is reasonable. You saying you don't want to pay what others are says to me that you want to pay less that the going rate, so lowball prices.
  6. I have both, but don't want to sell at lowball prices.
  7. I wasn't sure, but having Googled it, yes it will be so it should be a simple swap.
  8. All good mate. I've been through something similar recently. Wanted to buy a game that was listed only to be told that he wanted to.keep.ot.and convert it to something else.
  9. If the connector to the Game Elf is Jamma, then it's unplug it and plug in the Pandora. Show us a photo of the connector that the Game Elf is connected to.
  10. The way I show mine for Windows 11 is the same as it was for Windows 10 for me (and is how it is on my work PC which is Windows 10). This leads me to think that Rob's way isn't the default, not saying it couldn't be changed before etc. just that it isn't a change in the standard experience.
  11. Not sure what you mean. In the attachment, I have 2 Chrome windows open, it shows as an overlapping icon on the task bar, when I hover over it with the mouse it shows both windows and I can click on the one I want. Is this not what you experience?
  12. Bloody hell. I opened this in a new tab when it was just posted and got dragged away by someone before I had a chance to look. Come back and missed it.
  13. How about, "Those who haven't, since the site upgrade, must reset their password to log in"
  14. It was just a light hearted jab after you were spruiking on the Windows 11 thread about Linux. Your second last post says that it's your computer but your last post says that it's AA. I wonder whether others are having the same level of trouble you have. Like I said previously, I can just ignore the message when I see it as I'm still signed in. It could be the way you have your browser set to handle cookies or a bad cookie? Have you cleared your cookies? In Firefox you can clear all cookies for the site.
  15. Windows 10 will be supported until October 14, 2025. When Windows 10 came out, Microsoft said that it would be the last Windows. Perhaps they can't charge for an upgrade to Windows 11 as they said there wouldn't be one and people might complain that they bought it knowing that they didn't need to purchase another version???
  16. There is a part of me saying grab them and put one in the cab that I need to fix, but if they aren't working, I don't have the expertise to fix them so I'm thinking I'll leave them for someone else to grab. I could back flip on this decision though.
  17. I have it on my PC. It's very similar to Windows 10. I found that the right click options are annoying as I now need to make an extra click to get to the ones I actually use. I put my start button back on the left (more so for others). The lack of start menu is a bit of a shit. I don't know how the average person is meant to find what they are after without it, I guess just typing what they're after. Other than that, I can't really tell the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  18. Maybe, but I can't think of a short and sweet way of saying it right now.
  19. I have seen that message occasionally. I've just ignored it and logged in as per normal. I assumed that it was meaning users of the site before it was updated, need to change their password to get into the new version of the site.
  20. Yes. Pandora box's are commonly used. PC's and Raspberry Pi's are commonly used also.
  21. Cool... that's the part I was originally going to replace. Thanks. I'll grab one and give it a try.
  22. Is the regulator the long grey thing (which I referred to as a resistor)?
  23. I have a Stop the Clock game and it isn't working. When I turn it on I see which checking the manual says to check the 5V Fuse and 5V Power Supply. The game doesn't have 5V power supply as such but it does have a 5V board which converts the 12V feed to it into 5V. The fuse on the board is fine but I have no 5V output. This is the 5V board. The 12V in through the fuse, and through the resistor and to the input leg on the chip in the middle test continuity fine. I have no audible beep when continuity testing from the input leg to the centre/common leg or from the centre/common leg to the output leg. Does that indicate a faulty chip? It looks like I can get a replacement from Jaycar and could try replacing it, but wondering if I'm barking up the wrong tree.
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