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  1. I don't know who said what to whom, but I thought I'd shed some light on hooroo, it's an Aussie way of saying goodbye. hooroo /huːˈruː/ exclamation informal•Australian exclamation: hooroo goodbye. "hooroo and see you next week"
  2. I asked the technician if in his opinion the monitor faults I could see would be fixed with a degauss and they said that they think it would help but they expect that there is more going on. The cabs are rough and the joysticks/buttons worked but would benefit with replacing. I went there with the hope of taking one home but left them not wanting a project.
  3. You ask if they are slightly ok, you aren't asking much, so yes. Some of them turn on and can play, but they all need work. That is why they are cheap.
  4. Reporting back so I can remember what it was in the future but also to sort of point out how simple things can be. I've had no time to do testing until today and I got all set up to go through everything on column 1 of the switch matrix chart. I started with the connector CN8-1 just to make sure there was good connection. In putting it back on I noticed a capacitor above it seemed loose. A closer look and I could see that it was labelled Q55 which is column 1 and that it wasn't connected properly. I resoldered it onto the board and the problem is fixed. Here I was getting ready for a whole heap of testing and the problem was found and fixed pretty quickly.
  5. Need to list the price 🙂 Just FYI, the colour of the text you use makes it very difficult to read for anyone using a dark theme for the forum.
  6. I prefer the one on the right with the step down. It looks "smoother" to me but I guess my mind could change depending on how rest of the game comes together.
  7. Super legit mate. They are even a sponsor of the Aussie Arcade site. Have been around for many years and isn't far from my work (I dropped in there to look at some candy cabs last week). I can't speak highly enough of them.
  8. Thanks for the offer. I may need to hit you up. I've been doing a little config testing but having troubles finding a lot of games. I've had someone generously offer to loan me Sinden and Gun4ir guns for testing and comparing but I figure I won't do that until a bit further down the project. I haven't decided exactly the cab style I'll go with but was considering getting this https://www.highway.net.au/arcade-machines/simulators/action-deka-cabinet/11704-2.html?fbclid=IwAR0jdE57HRbBazznAFqQWWCp4JNtI8F4h8N9I3GvVS0eGxU2u9rtsASkPyI and using it for gun games and possibly for Guitar Hero as well. The problem is that it's so wide.
  9. I'd take these but I already have them in my collection so I'll leave them for someone else. I'm likely to sell off my collection at some stage anyway.
  10. Nah I didn't get too much in the way of details. Steve took me to where they were stored and handed me over to one his his staff who I asked a few questions but he said he wasn't the right person to answer as he wasn't a technician. I spoke to Steve afterwards and he said that he's losing money on these. They were supposed to be supplied in a reconditioned state but they weren't. They then tried to ship some chassis etc. that weren't mean to have been installed but they weren't packed correctly and many of them were damaged. At this point, they are essentially accepting the loss and trying to clear them out.
  11. https://www.highway.net.au/products/index.html?search=true&query=crown+candy&section=&category= I went and looked at these on Friday. They had a couple turned on for me but the image wasn't great on those 2. Some of it I expect would have been fixed with a degauss but I think the issues may have been deeper.
  12. Thank you. I'll work through this. I had found that everything related to column 1 but didn't know where to start testing.
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