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  1. I want to know the long story involving Luc Longley.
  2. The best game I ever had on a real one of these was in a competition where I think I actually score the highest for this game in the comp. I was playing the game and someone behind me was explaining the rules to someone else, and I could hear them so I was following what they were saying. Things like, now he has done that he needs to hit that other thing and I just did whatever they were telling the other person. I didn't understand what I was hitting the things for, but it worked.
  3. Did they ever go anywhere? I think they may have used this name before.
  4. It's been an issue for a couple of days. I think they need to update their certificate. You may be able to get to it by clicking more details and something beyond that?
  5. This Sweet Home 3D is really good. I'm still searching for some 3D files of a lowboy (not sure where you found yours @stuzza) and a couple of other games I have that I likely wont find, but maybe I can find something that'll fill the space and look sort of right. Thanks again for this suggestion.
  6. Is this for sale or swap only? I can't see a price.
  7. Sounds like this is a game you have a knack for. You're doing well. That billion point shot sure is one that gets the adrenaline pumping.
  8. Awesome thanks. I have a vague recollection of using that before. I'll have a look at it. I used an app I found on Android for my sons bedroom which was quite good, but it doesn't allow creation of custom items and only has standard desk, cupboards, beds etc. but you can tweak the sizes. A cross between the two would probably be nice but I'll look further at Skethup and see how I go. Thanks again.
  9. 7 games now closed and just two to finish and the competition is fascinating. kane managing to pull a little more of a gap at the front but PPLBob is still close enough to pounce if kane slips. Crakkers is pushing RusstyT and really making him earn that 3rd place on the podium and legin is there pushing along with him. Mozzie1 has managed to extend his lead over Mrs Moz but with mozzie1 dealing with some things at the moment, Mrs Moz is loving CSI and could give herself every chance of leaving mozzie1 behind.
  10. Game 7 comes to a close and it's congratulations to kane who has returned to his winning ways. We 2nd place goes to PPLBob and third place on the podium goes to Crakkers with the top 3 all cracking the million points for a single game. RusstyT stays in the race with a strong 4th. Mozzie gets a couple of points over Mrs Moz and legin does enough to not earn the spoon on this one.
  11. A billion is possible but your score is a great score without hitting the billion. I know it looks like it's a long way off, but the billion come from a billion point shot, not accumulated points. Not saying that it's impossible to score a billion without the billion point shot but it's very unlikely, I've never heard of it before.
  12. I'm in the planning stages for a new home and will have a games room as part of the new house. I want to work out what I can fit, preferably in 3D. Does anyone know of software or an app that will allow me to create a room to scale and insert arcade and pinball games? If it has standard models it would be a bonus, but if I can build them to scale that'd work too.
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