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  1. Thanks. Probing D780 I see D0-D7 stuck low, leading to ls245@4A that have his OE pin19 stuck low, leading to ls138@IC51. Is this can be related to the reset line active or is this another issue to trouble shoot? For reset line, have to check ls02@IC52
  2. Hello, I'm trying to fix an M72 board (X-Multiply). All 3 layers are faulty (swapped with working ones from another of my board). Romboard: showed error "ROM NG 1 2 3 4 5 6 7". the security chip was faulty, replacing it fixed the Romboard :). The Middle board: Main CPU (V33) has some address lines stuck low, fixed it by replacing a 74ls373 @IC44. Now I'm stuck with the audio CPU (D780C), the reset line is low (active low on this one). Is anybody can help pointing me where to start? thanks
  3. A few years ago, I had the same issues (sound works at power on, then vanish at a random time, and came back only on turning it off/on) with 2 a-board (both from different seller, one from willow and the other captain commando) and I fixed it by changing the osc. Both A boards are the short ones. Not an uncommon issue after all
  4. Thanks from West Indies on vacation ^^
  5. Hi, I’m Futasan from France, arcade lover since kid. I’m 42 and i own arcade games/cabs for a decade now. Glad to join aussie community, and hope to contribute on repair/help to other members :)
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