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  1. hey David @ Bumper action has kindly invited coconut island to the next faith night on 7th august. Game will be playable. :p regards Nug PS the ball saver is working now ! (8secs) ;)
  2. the new 'buzzed' doesnt look like hes ..buzzed :p regards
  3. Ci had a 15'' dell that ive fooled around with large gifs as experiments but it just doesnt look right in the context of regular style cabinet. my current dmd engine, does not fucking work to good either :cry so a bit screwed in that dept, i think its a settings thing but requires perhaps more than a P2..(im tight!) or probably a complete rethink/write :) -would be nice to hack a little java one if it exists as a video mode on the other hand. ;)
  4. the usual budget of about $400 will not cover an lcd backglass, unless youre buying of course :lol
  5. all ive got is the board and a worn trakball ! :cry
  6. would an APB monitor fit/suitable ? I assume separate sync signals and hi res tube
  7. my post must not have come up a couple of weeks ago... whats missing and where is pick up again? INTERESTED regards
  8. ill have to remember that ! great logic :lol regards
  9. A DC design is substantially more favourable due to the field being set up in one direction only and therefore not having to do tricky stuff to the plunger shank so it pulls in and doesnt vibrate @ 50 hz. The 'magnetic' strength is constant during operation and so feels stronger (is!) ac relays have a copper shaded pole that sort of hangs onto the field a bit during wave crossing so it doesnt chatter.
  10. because you are looking at it from a DC perspective in which case you are perfectly correct, however, it is not DC ! it is some math thing but you are conducting for a 'period in a region of the wave' and therfore Vavg (i think(pretty sure).. stretching it here !) is higher. I know its higher just go measure your bridge rect on any machine and you will see.. the only reason a cap makes it higher is because you are 'not allowing' zero volts whan the AC crosses the 'zero point in actuality' - this is ripple looking at it in reverse (16 years ago !) :) hey if wanted you could just put one BR on the supply lines of flippers and GP solenoids with a switch to bypass and instantly go back to standard.. of course i assume youve steepened the P/F angle to suit the 'juiced up on beige' flippers :lol
  11. Nug

    Dumped Pinballs

    LOL :lol i can see it now... available from dymocks.. dummies guide 2 ripping off the local TIP chapters include , but not limited too.. timing positioning target possible scenario bribery defence
  12. Nug

    Dumped Pinballs

    indeed, our local seems to be a well organized operation...police'ish almost (!) i remember the old days of coming home with more shit than you went with ! :p
  13. the voltage is higher. some EM AC coils have a shaded pole however and these would need to be changed to 'later' DC stuff ! i would personally convert the flipper power rail than what looks like a BR on each mech ? (i cant see properly ?) regards
  14. dont forget the ribbons ! :cool:
  15. q1 it should hit just below that outlane entry (?!) with hi speed shot. q2 i thnk the upper 'exit' is post each side.
  16. what is top dollar$ ? :cool:
  17. they are generally most voice calls in WCS94
  18. hey.. 4 years later ? could this be in time for the '98 world cup.. sorta like an update in era perhaps? teams.. names etc ?
  19. the REALLY BIG question is which machine(s) have the ' default apple (123)' pic security chip installed as standard ? i would have thought the 'home-roms' would run on the same security IC as the original roms or can you by default run a home-rom with this '123' default PIC in ANY case ? can any ROM run with a default security chip? honest upfront Questions. regards nug :) PS. hey seriously are there 2 X wcs roms youve listed?
  20. when the vids went low tech rehash, then the location died and the pinballs that were in them... left with pubs and bowling alleys. then pokies muscled in on the traditional pub territory which leaves bowling alleys.. oh yeah, there screwed too now :( and its been many years since i saw a milk bar with a coinop anything regards
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