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  1. Just watched the trailer Rich. I am gonna give this one a go too.
  2. Squid Game if you like a twisted drama. Korean show about desperate people playing children's games to the death (yes, I typed that correctly). Lots of hype around it right now but I think it lived up to it. Dave
  3. If you are not able to do any required repairs/upgrades I HIGHLY recommend Ken in Newcastle. He is a long time AA sponsor and a top of the tree pinball tech. You would need to remove the boards and post them to him but as long as you number the connectors with a texta they are easy to replace. You can find Ken in the sponsor section of the site. Dave @Skybeaux
  4. Outstanding work as always Peter. THANKS!
  5. I missed this on Wednesday mate. Happy Birthday.
  6. Heartie = BAD........Recovery= GOOD. Not dead is a good result.
  7. It's a very simple process to download an entire unprotected website. Once you have all the code it is easy to replace the links and change the names to start using it for scams. Scumbag bastards that's for sure.
  8. Hey Dave, I think a good proportion of the problems people solve on AA are due to pics and info found in restore threads. That is the great value of AA (and forums) over Facebook, the info stays online in searchable form for uses to access for YEARS, not just as long as it takes for the discussion to drop down past the third page of the feed. Keep it up mate, the effort is appreciated!
  9. Hi Mate. AA has selling rules that require you to put a price on your items for sale. Please do that as soon as you read this post. Thanks, Dave
  10. Hi Mate. AA has selling rules that require you to put a price on your items for sale. Please do that as soon as you read this post. Thanks, Dave
  11. Hi mate, you need to put a price on these guys please. No price-no sale on Aussie Arcade. Thanks, Dave
  12. Yep, without a doubt. Live at Lansdown CD/DVD was one of the first 2 albums I bought after seeing them guest host RAGE. If a band is no good live then they are a shit band (Dave's rule). The other album was The Meanest of Times. A great intro to one of my now favorite bands. They are one of 5 Favorite bands on my go-to USB stick in the car, along with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper and The Angels. Murphy's are as good as any live act I have ever seen. Had a skin full at the Enmore Theater gig. The room was full of skins, punks and retrobates it was one of the top half a dozen gigs I have ever seen (and I have seen PLENTY). It just fkn rocked. I actually looked into Civet's stuff after hearling Liza do The Dirty Glass but I am buggered if I could get into them. and for the OP.....BUMP.
  13. Uggghh, really? That is some cheap-arsed shit there for sure. I have only ever seen the full metal plate, never seen the card crap. i that case Dave @Pinoffski forget everything I typed earlier 🙂
  14. Dave, you can get some pretty successful results cleaning up metal plate using flap wheels from Bunnings. NOT the usual ones that are all emery cloth, but the ones that are a piece of Scotchbrite pad then a piece of emery alternately. Not too hard on the meatal. Unfortunately they re not cheap but if you had a big Scotchbrite pad you could probably make a circular pad for an old flat rubber disk for the drill. I mean the ones that used a screw with a washer to hold a piece of 40 or 60 grit on the disk. Not too hard on the soft aluminium. You can also buy a harder hand polishing pad (similar to Scotchbrite but grey colour) which give an awesome satin finish if you use it in a circular motion. I use you use it on swords and armour so it did not look too shiny and mechanically polished. 20 years ago I had a supplier who would staple the Scothbrite pads ans some nylon mouniting disks into a wheel for the bench grinder. Save me hundreds of hours of cleaning time over the years! Dave
  15. No way they let the package across the border, you clown have nearly as much plague as we do!
  16. Hey, I know you asked for an original but in case you did not know you can download a PDF from ibdb.org
  17. Shifted to correct forum where you are more likely to get a response. Welcome to AA.
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