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  1. Come on Leo, you have been selling on AA long enough to know you need a price on the item for sale. Dave
  2. Just watched the trailer Rich. I am gonna give this one a go too.
  3. Squid Game if you like a twisted drama. Korean show about desperate people playing children's games to the death (yes, I typed that correctly). Lots of hype around it right now but I think it lived up to it. Dave
  4. If you are not able to do any required repairs/upgrades I HIGHLY recommend Ken in Newcastle. He is a long time AA sponsor and a top of the tree pinball tech. You would need to remove the boards and post them to him but as long as you number the connectors with a texta they are easy to replace. You can find Ken in the sponsor section of the site. Dave @Skybeaux
  5. Outstanding work as always Peter. THANKS!
  6. I missed this on Wednesday mate. Happy Birthday.
  7. Heartie = BAD........Recovery= GOOD. Not dead is a good result.
  8. It's a very simple process to download an entire unprotected website. Once you have all the code it is easy to replace the links and change the names to start using it for scams. Scumbag bastards that's for sure.
  9. Hey Dave, I think a good proportion of the problems people solve on AA are due to pics and info found in restore threads. That is the great value of AA (and forums) over Facebook, the info stays online in searchable form for uses to access for YEARS, not just as long as it takes for the discussion to drop down past the third page of the feed. Keep it up mate, the effort is appreciated!
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