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  1. I'll take those thanks Glenn. Please send me your preferred payment details. Thanks, Dave
  2. I can't help with the coin thingo's but in case you did not know the cabinet is a 19" Hankin.
  3. Great first post Stephen. Thanks for taking the time to help.
  4. Gobsmacked Trev, absolutely gobsmacked. Christopher must feel like King-of the Kids!
  5. Threads like this are the BEST reason for a site like AA. Well said all of you blokes. Every time one person with an issue says it out loud two more start thinking about looking for some support and getting help.
  6. Shifted to the wanted section. You are more likely to get a response here. Best of luck.
  7. I think you guys who have this level of talent sometimes underestimate just how much everyone else is amazed by what you achieve. I reckon you will make a lot of people happy by having it there if that is the way you decide go. Bloody big thumbs up from me!
  8. Hey Trev, don't be sorry mate, just get better! There are many things in life more important than pinball and your health is at the top of the list. All the best mate, just keep plugging away and you will make it! Dave
  9. Was away for this one.......HB mate!
  10. Great thread, thanks for taking the time to post for us. Dave
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