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    T2 arcade machine,, LAI 26" vertical MAME & Gottleib 26" horiz MAME, Judge Dredd Pinball, Getaway Pinball, Medieval Madness Pinball & Iron Maiden LE Pinball

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  1. Errrrr, buggered if I can remember mate. I recall picking you up a fluro from a busted display cob I found, must be that one? Sorry, but no sources of new rom me 😞
  2. Hmmm, could not find it on the site, but here is the link to the media page at Horsley gun shop where I got it. Maybe give them a call and ask if they still have the crushed walnut with the polishing rouge coating in stock? Search Results (horsleyparkgunshop.com.au)
  3. @Womble are you F'kn serious? Much respect. 🤘 Dave
  4. Definitely hard enough to keep HH running well without putting a shaker in it to cause more problems. Dave
  5. Dude, you are gonna get so spammed and scammed if you leave your phone number up. Your call.
  6. Pass the Pigs. Mates and I used to play this at the club between band sets. Fast and fun, not too much thinking needed.
  7. @Lady Bug you need to put a price on you item for sale please. Dave
  8. Shifted to the tech forum. You should get some help here.
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