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    Gottliebs: Aquarius (ex-Luna Park), Jungle Princess, Pioneer, ProFootball, Super Spin and High Hand. Stern: Nugent. Williams: River Boat (1964)

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  1. Swaps is not a bad idea. Could work two ways 1) permanent swap 2) swap for a period of time. I did a swap once and it worked well as both parties got what they wanted and I dealt with a true gentleman (Greg).
  2. I haven't gone out to buy another pin since 2017 when I paid around $1400 for a Gottlieb EM Grand Slam which I thought was reasonable. Reason why no more? I've got all the machines I'd ever want and more importantly, Mrs Bossninja has said 'No! '. When I see prices pins are now going for, I shake my head. This is another reason why I won't be in the market to buy. Other pins in my collection were mostly bought from AA members over the last 20 years where fair prices were asked and paid. We live in a market economy and prices = what the buyer is prepared to pay.
  3. Can you let me know if you have any luck. I've got a similar situation.
  4. With some time on my hands, I thought it would be good to learn a bit more about electricity and electronics. Found this on YouTube and think it is excellent. Just watched the vid on Three Phase Electricity and for the first time in my life I think I understand it. https://youtube.com/c/Theengineeringmindset
  5. It was good to see Clay (aka Shaggy from This Old Pinball) recently post a video on YouTube about Stern flipper problems caused by humidity. https://youtu.be/leUw357n8IA
  6. It is worth saving. Maybe not in $$$ but in preserving pinball machines for future generations.
  7. I have a High Hand (thank you Mr I Steelers) - top game and glad you are going to bring another one back to life. I've got the schematics ( but remember my schematic reading skills are 2/10) if you need to refer to anything. Consider ordering any parts you can't beg or borrow from Pinball Resource.
  8. Because of issues with the legality of owning a one arm bandit, the forum is cautious about promoting advice on them. However, I understand that the main problem with these is hardened grease - not always easy to spot. Keep cleaning the gunk off.
  9. I probably hoard a bit too much. A few weeks back, while looking at some stuff chucked on the kerbside, I started talking with an old bloke about how stuff can be valued by one person but dumped by the next. He told me he recently sold most of his cherished items in his collection - his original 1947 Scout uniform, bar memorabilia from country pubs, etc. He said when he looked at it, it was just stuff that was not really doing anything for him. So he sold it off and used the money to enjoy himself while he was still alive. It got me thinking.
  10. It the bolt indicated here. Don't unscr ew from front - will snap.
  11. Thanks I'll check it out. Have to find that shoulder bolt your talking about. It the bolt indicated here. Don't unscew from front - will snap.
  12. Take care with the shoulder bolt. Can snap if not done right. Here's some useful stuff if you don't already have it https://homepinballrepair.com/cleaning-and-fixing-your-pinball-em-stepper-unit/ http://www.pinrepair.com/em/index2.htm
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