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  1. Hello Tony. Do you have a Sea Wolf in stock? I have movie posters for trade.
  2. Yeah it sucks. as there's no knowledge, parts or paperwork for them here. You could try New life games forums, as the 80's Aristocrats were rebadged as IGT's in the US.
  3. What game is it? If it's a Bally you're in luck as even though they are electric with a hopper etc, they can be fixed. They even use some EM pinball parts :)
  4. Shouldn't be hard if it's purely mechanical. If it has electronics and a hopper it's most likely a boat anchor.
  5. Good luck. They are pretty cool. But be aware that if you find a working Olympic Wild Card for example. It's pretty much a time bomb, as you won't get it working again once it stops. If you are familiar with Mame, there's Aristocrat Wild One which works really well. I get my cardie fix by loading it onto my jukebox cabinet once in a while.
  6. Thanks. Reported to Admin :rolleyes
  7. Thanks guys! Appreciate it :)
  8. Early Chrissy present for me. Kala UBass. These things are amazing. Sounds like an upright.
  9. That is so nice! I've got my dads 1952 - 58 Coolabah FT6 acoustic in for repair. He bought it used in 1959 for 40 quid :)
  10. Cool. I've just contacted Ken to see if he has the revision, if not I'll message you. Thanks heaps!
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