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  1. I play SDVX on PC with virgoo controller. HDD Rips and SDVX clone. I tried my hands at IIDX just didn’t have much time to put into learning that one. SDVX is easier to pick up I think anyway. I would love a SDVX cab.
  2. Yeah the monitors come up as 768p when I plug anything into it. I have a bit of burn in on both monitors so a screen swap will be coming around Christmas time maybe. Yeah man the shmups on 360 are hectic and I also have mame running on the Xbox 360 for all other vertical games such a good system. The PS4 versions of the cave games are awesome aswell just hella expensive.
  3. I had the opportunity to buy a lindberg at the time I got these noirs I wish I did now lol. Such cool cabs
  4. Two namco noirs I got from japan through a group buy last year. Also rotated the monitor on the chewlix to play those sweet sweet shmups I suck so much at lol. The noirs were a dream cab and now I finally got a pair. The chewlix is running a Xbox 360 and the noirs are running Ps3/4, Dreamcast and eventually a ps2. Cabs are linked together p1 on left machine p2 on the right. The noir monitors allow me to switch from under the cp between inputs so at the moment vga and dvi/HDMI are linked or you can just change one to vga.
  5. Yup was indeed gutted and had writing on the cover "250cc 2stroke for sale" lol the neckboard on the monitor was cracked aswell but was a nice monitor after i got it fixed. the system he had in it was trash but like CaESaR said it was perfect for DC. shoot i better take a picture of the new setup lol
  6. Candy cab appreciation thread. I want candy! Finally got the noirs yesterday. Massive thanks to @lobsterboi for the hookup. Cabs need a little clean up and need to get some art for the marquees. I think the most expensive part is Time lol. Should be able to throw a console in there tonight. Really happy with the machines Now to get a couple vewlix cabs Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  7. Anyone got one of these with or without screen and keen to move it on? No longer looking I got too many projects going Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  8. Sega megalo 410 DC installed I couldn’t wait lol Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  9. Yeah man it cleaned up really well it’s just the mirror now that I have to clean but damn I can’t find a Manual or anything. Still trying to figure out how to take it apart marquee lights up aswell it was just disconnected. But now I have a sound issue I must have bumped something somewhere struggling to find the issue. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  10. Managed to clean the lenses today and it’s a hell of a lot clearer. Tommoro I will hopefully have a dreamcast hooked into it. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  11. replaced a few buttons just to be able to play lol game works great. Opened it up it needs a good clean so I’ll get to pulling it apart over the week. Ants everywhere in the cab guessing there’s a nest inside somewhere. Pulled the sega model 3 out. Image is a bit cloudy I’ll get to the lenses later today hopefully see if they need a clean. It’s in pretty good shape just needs a thorough clean out. @namastepat yeah your setup is awesome I scan through the candy cab thread all the time. The megalo would take up 2 astro spots easy haha Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  12. Haha yeah he said first one first served I asked what time he wakes up. Said 4am I was like owell I’ll see you then lol. Really cool guy just needed it gone ASAP and damn nice tron setup!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  13. Damn really those 2 are way better scores than mine. He said he had 19 people ring him but no one could pick up as early as me I got to his house 4am lol Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  14. Just picked up this beast this morning $100 off gumtree. Told me the screen wouldn’t show picture.......... lol score. this thing is excellent condition came with Vurtua Striker 98 just the buttons need replacing light fixed and a hell of a clean out. Will update over time Special Thanks to @mR_CaESaR I wouldn’t have this cab if it wasent for him. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  15. You got photos of this beast completed with marquee yet?? Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
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