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  1. Hi guys, we are unfortunately going to have to cancel this again due to Covid restrictions. Really sorry, was hoping things would open up but i think its just too risky during the current situation - So confirm, no Houseball this weekend 😞 Unfortunately wont be going ahead George 😞
  2. Hey everyone Just a heads up we are going to put on the Brisbane FB page that this Houseball is cancelled due to COVID restrictions as we are not sure how it will go. The finals numbers on this one was close to 50 last time i saw, which i can't see being possible in the current climate. Our plan is if restrictions allow us to do one with capped crowd numbers of 25-30 people we will still go ahead with close friends and Aussie Arcade lifers getting first preference to those spots. We will update it all here on the new improved AA website 😀 If it does go ahead, the line up will likely be Funhouse Junkyard Creature from the Black Lagoon F-14 Tomcat Bad Cats Earthshaker Grand Lizard Banzai Run Deadpool Pro Iron-Man Baby Pac-Man Star Wars Trilogy Class of 1812 Maybe - Paragon, Q*berts Quest and a few others Any confusion or questions about this, ask them here so everyone can see. Thanks- Marcus & Tammie
  3. We’ll done on the win guys!
  4. Just finishing off my last game
  5. Haha brilliant. That was fun
  6. You either having a fantastic game or lots of small crap one like me 😀
  7. Elvis got 6,500940 i got 8200000 or something but the photo was too late 🤦�♀�
  8. All good. We’ll go easy on him 😂😂😂
  9. All good. yes standard 3 ball game.
  10. 5 pm funhouse 5. 15 deadpool anyone want want to join, just play at that time and post a pic of your score here. just abit of fun. @AxedBandit is that time ok with you?
  11. Not sure. I was thinking something pretty basic. Pick a time , whoever wants in can be in. After game everyone post pic of their score?
  12. Anyone with a funhouse or deadpool want to have a little online Comp with Myself and Elvis today? 5 pm funhouse 5.15 deadpool just play your game and post a pic of your score here once finished. standard 3 ball game.
  13. @DAG Sorry we missed it. Yeah Elvis is just on Pinball hyperdrive and needs a break. Really wanted to come to your one though. Hope you had a great time.
  14. Can you please take Elvis and I off the list. Marcus will still be coming and I’ll even send him with cake �
  15. That sounds great. Thank you. Is it pretty universal or will I be limited to what machines I can use it on? Maybe Elvis can do a voice over on it🤣🤣
  16. Great point. I think he will be happy with the theme and a few characters put on it. �
  17. Wow. That print size is huge. Ill keep that in mind when having a look. Thanks for that. I’m so excited. Will be super fun.
  18. Yes , that would be preferable from my end. 🤣 My son has a pretty strong will and he already has it mapped out. He’s totally focused on this theme. I’m a pretty creative person so I’m actually looking forward to it, albeit shitting myself .
  19. Thanks. Not likely to be anytime soon given our restore history
  20. @DAG Thanks. That’s really nice of you. Elvis is already deep into his planning so a real theme is likely. 😬 @Cranky Dave He will probably want it totally weird so he can enter his machine in Houseball and in his words’ totally freak out Cranky Dave.
  21. Thank you. I can’t wait. Although this time is Mother / Son. 😃
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