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  1. Great game. Look forward to seeing the progress. Looks bang on so far and Slayers DK paint tips are brilliant for this build. Thanks for posting this build.
  2. I played on one of these back in the day. My brother and i would catch the train to Melbourne to play the arcades and pinnies for the day and i think it was in Flashback where we came across this beast. The graphics were amazing and the smooth coolnes of the ninjas movements were memorable. The tank would always destroy us.
  3. I played this game once when i was 9 and remembered it ever since. It was outside this lonly shop by itself on the beach near Rye. It was night and we were visiting my nana and she said i could have 1 go. It had the handlebars and throttle. I never made one jump. Just held it flatout. :D
  4. Bloody awsome. Top job. I loved watching the doco and was excited with you. This is what its all about. Thanks for posting.
  5. The best use of a kitchen i have seen. Nice work. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  6. Dont know if ive mentioned this elswhere but we up ended an electric kniffe on T&F. Could play continually. Thoes mca buttons lasted but a bit pitted. How did we get away withit. Lol. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. Ahh Monkey... BITD (back in the day) we had one television set with 2 channels. Monkey was big amongst us 10 year olds. We even made monkey sticks that we painted. I now have the full collection also. Another show we found hilarious was The Kenny Everett Video Show. Here is the intro to trigger some hot gossip memories. https://youtu.be/4ZkDsfjp_f0
  8. Just an update. Its been 3 and a half weeks now and i have still not had a puff on a cigarette. Im proud of my progress. I have ran out of my 12mg 10mil apple and finished 12mg 10mil wild berry. Now i have reduced my nicotine to 6mg strawberries and cream. I use it like i would ciggies but am finding i am now skipping times i would have a cig. My first week my breathing improved, end of the second week i was smelling more and now i am not running out of breath (my work is very physical. The stats are now in from the U.K. and has come up 95% safer than cigs and will be updated soon to 97% safer. For me i am glad i found this thing. I am using a MTL mouth to lung vape. Im not into the DTL direct to lung. Cheers
  9. Wholly molly thats awsome. Nice work Trev. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  10. Yep that is Space Invaders Pt 2. I saw this done in the early 80s and have done it ever since. Space invaders 2 was full colour and had aliens that when shot split into 2. Kaizen will know more differences. Space Invaders pt 2 was the first arcade i saw as a 9 year old in the stand up red cab. Been hooked ever since. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. Why so far away. I would love this at this price and the stand up one you offloaded for 1k also. Glws.
  12. Lucky it wasnt the flipper finger or fire and jump button finger.
  13. I was told not to get a tobacco flavour as lets face it, cigys taste like shit but its what we are used to. If you are going to vape get a nice taste. I went for green apple, strawbs & cream and berry. Still on the apple and is great. Grandmas lemon cheesecake does sound bloody good
  14. Two weeks ago i brought a packet of 40 cigs for $42.50. I would go through 3 of these a week. I had also come accross vaping and did some research. I have been smoking for 30 years. The government would not want me vaping because i provide a lot of cash for some of their scams cough projects. I feel they may be in bed with big tobacco / maybe not. So ..... last Wednesday my first vape arrived from N.Z. 2 days after ordering with 3 flavours of 12mg and 6mg nic juice. I have not had another cigarette since my first vape. In one week i have noticedmy breathing improve, no more heavy chest feeling in the morning and night, no stinking of smoke or being embarrassed about stinking of smoke around others at work, no weicing (spelling?) No coughing when laughing. Just today i think my sence of smell is coming back. I had all these amazing smells. Initial outlay of $100 for starter kit 50ml vape juice 10 coils i feel an ongoing weekly cost will be $10. I have never gone a week without a cig before. For me its working
  15. Thats a nice cocktail cab you have there for a first project. Good on you for having a crack to bring it back to life and share the best games with your kids. It wasnt but a few months ago when i did my first one with a similar cocktail to yours. You are in good hands with Kaizen and the members here at AA. To 2nd what the others are saying be carful around the monitor especially where the red suction plug is. Have fun and enjoy your project and dont forget to post pics of your progress.
  16. Thanks for the fast reply. I like the red Taitos. I played many a game on them back in 80s. Id like one ☺ Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  17. Nice. What are your plans with this, if you dont mind me asking.
  18. Would like to see what these parts came out of Is it a red Taito upright?
  19. Thanks for the update. I enjoy the detail you go into. I did wonder where i had played this when you first posted about it and now i know. For 15 years I lived one block from the Mooloolaba warf and spent a couple of thoes years bartending there. Bloody good times. I look forward to seeing you bring this beast back. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  20. You could try @noodleshirt Can find it in the sponsor section.
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