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  1. Now I'm thinking my vacuum cleaner is a bit full of dust. First side completed, including all the tabs for the permanent panels. the areas without tab holes will have hinged panels to enable access (monitor, pc etc.) although the front kick panel will probably have a hole for a coin unit. to maximise use of MDF, I also cut out the panel to mount underneath the control panel,it fits perfectly. The benefit of using software is that i can measure the holes know how wide to make the panel and then test overlay it all to make sure it aligns. a few panels I know will need sanding/routing because of the angles (I haven't learnt that feature of CNC'ing yet) Now as for accuracy, the tiling worked, it was the first time I've ever used it, and the front was out of alignment by probably a couple of hairs, the rear had maybe less than half a mm overlap, once the second panel's cut i'll clamp them together and sand of the micro edge.
  2. I made a few amendments to my plan as a result of implementing a feature in my carving software i have not used before, "Tiling" as it sounds I can tile my piece on the X axis (lengthways) and cut twice but on the single piece, or simply cut the bottom, move it along and cut the top. Alignment or re-alignment is the key, therefore I placed a few strategic 6mm holes to take dowels for alignment. The first couple of alignment holes did not go well, (one was cut outside the line rather than inside and it was on the tile join therefore was only a 1/2 hole. I moved them started again and here are a few photo's of the bottom. Let's hope the realignment works The last screen is of the milling software in action back to work....
  3. Just a little update, I've trial cut a couple of panels to ensure they fit and my finger joints work, reality is they almost work, the fingers I drew were a little large and unwieldy for MDF, therefore I will redraw them smaller. I also drew up a control panel (with a few extra switches), I have not finalised placement of buttons etc. the spinner will probably move across further to the right. ALso the updated cabinet design. I've incoporated most of the suggestions people gave me here. I may change this to remove the centre join and make it overlap similar to my original design (if I cannot get a smooth join).
  4. Ok, for the keyboard/mouse drawer, I will add in USB ports somewhere out of sight, then when/if I need them, i'll just plug them in.
  5. See... I knew it, if I posted some points I would get some good suggestions, thank you all, I will incorporate them into my design I was thinking last night that I would build the side panel in 3 pieces now, and create jigsaw shape joints (like fingers) to connect each of the 3 panels. This isn't difficult for me as I've already built other sims, eg. As a bit of background, I designed and cut a bunch of Cessna 152 and 172 aircraft cockpit panels including lettering, with separate bezels. I then integrated switches, throttle etc back into a teensy board for connection into the sim software. Then about two weeks ago I spent some time with some military sim's (PC-21) and will now build one of these in my garage. I've also helped a mate build a 737-800 sim in his garage. so an arcade machine should be a bit of retro fun.
  6. Thanks all for the welcome... I'm looking at emulation, PC initially as I have a couple of Dell PC's ready for resurrection, and a few monitors I purchased off a pallet at an auction. (some 19" 4:3 and a couple of 22" 16:9 monitors) it opens the options. Worryingly Jason1 welcomed me to AA.... is it THAT addictive, are there classes for the addiction, i then remember back to the days putting coins in machines to play :alien: My wife hasn't caught on what I'm doing yet, i will have to keep this one ninja :ninja.thumb:
  7. Ok, I've just joined and am looking to build an arcade machine, with potentially a juke box ability. I've designed the following after looking at many images online. I wanted something that reflected: a cool look (does my opinion make it cool :confused: ) similar to the old retro style able to fit a motherboard underneath able to handle different size monitor depending on what I choose (19" 4:3 or 22" 16:9) legs out front to provide further stability a notch out of the back to allow for skirting boards an "angled back" to both look better and also allow for a power cord socket able to mount a dual button control panel able to be CNC'd in 2 or 3 pieces on the side on my 600x900 CNC. able to insert a keyboard mouse drawer under the control panel shallow depth (<600mm) there is no need to allow for a CRT monitor, LCD gets rid of that problem. Comments welcome to enhance this, before I cut.
  8. Hi all I am a member of god knows how many forums on all sorts of topics, the common theme is living life to the full. learning from those who have been there before me and accepting pointers and guidance from their mistakes and most importantly their successes. I am about to embark on building my first arcade game machine. at the moment looking for plans to run through my CNC machine, preferrably one that has the side panels in two pieces. The software side will be easy for me with 25+ years in IT. I've got a couple of old Dell PC's that would work fine stripped and installed. Any pointers or thread links to relevant things would be greatly appreciated. I have been designing my own two panel machine to enable it to be built on my cnc, I'll post some images of the plans shortly.
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