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  1. Hey Con, we don’t distribute Apocalypse multis or have plans to. They are only available direct from Mitsurugi-W in the USA via the A-P forums. re: Multis, we currently just do the Darksoft products but have some more arcade / candy cab related stuff to list in the coming month. Thanks for the interest and support!
  2. I bought a pair of LS-40 with the wrong connectors for my cabs (spade instead of 5-pin) if you’re interested and they’re the ones you need @gsuttor. Easy enough to wire up by building a harness, I just couldn’t be arsed.
  3. So good to have a local source for these adapters!
  4. The store is now open! Aussie and NZ peeps come get 'ya Multiz -- I got CPS-2, CPS-3, F3 and all the accessories ready to ship :) The recent slight price change to multis are reflective of worldwide component shortages, especially ARM chips. We will also be forced to adjust our prices regularly for any serious fluctuations in the exchange rate and also between batches of stock. For Australian / New Zealand customers, our site is still *A LOT* cheaper than shipping from overseas. Any issues, hit me up here or on the Contact form on the site. Thanking you kindly in advance for the support. CANDYCABCLUB.COM CANDYCABCLUB.COM
  5. My Naomi came from @OsirusANZwho chopped it to sit down.
  6. There’s a super capacitor that goes bad and takes the sound with it. I have a couple of spares and can help you out.
  7. PM sent. Could be useful for a Open JVS build I’m thinking about.
  8. On the A-P forums you said the sounds come back when you touch the capacitor in the sound section. If that is the case, simply reflow or replace the cap and you should be fixed.
  9. I have a 4 Technics 1200 MK2 Turntables, and a 15,000+ piece collection... here's some photos for the beat heads:
  10. Is there a way to ignore entire sub forums? I’m not really interested in Pinball at all and only here for the Arcade chat. Might be something worth considering implementing if the feature is available. Thanks for the forum upgrade by the way. It’s been working great.
  11. There should be good quality arts for the Astro Panel online. Perhaps even NoodleShirt could help you source it?
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