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Community Answers

  1. The spacing between pins on JST NH is 2.54mm, so theoretically you could use anything with that spec given it allows spacing for the “tab” on the NH connectors edge. I regularly use DuPont cables for quick tests like this and have used them for CPS-1 kick harness/3P with no issues. Just ensure your polarity is correct. The shrouds and housing of JST NH and other series’ of connectors allow for easier connect/disconnect and avoidance of incorrect polarity insertion. A simple pass through cable will work the same just without the added features mentioned above.
  2. Yup. Service won’t trigger the coin meter counter.
  3. Nice one @1.21 Gigawatts -- nothing ever captures that first moment when everything comes together and the goal you had in mind comes to fruition. Smack some credits into the machine and get some serious gaming on. Looks fantastic!
  4. Hirose 34-pin: CPS-2/3 Kick Harness (Male Board Header) - DF1BZ-34DP-2.5DSA For CPS-1 you just need a 10 pin Male connector in the JST NH series Hope it helps, also I started a repository of useful arcade connector types over at A-P: https://www.arcade-projects.com/threads/popular-connectors-and-their-arcade-uses-jst-molex-te-sanwa-hirose-etc.18337/
  5. Hey man, hit me up anytime about CandyCabClub stuff. Keen to help you realise your goal. I just heard from Noodleshirt the other day, he’s a super busy individual, he’ll get back to you for sure. Stand up guy.
  6. The fluro yellow (Keikou) buttons really stand out. Even more so under proper black light. Books are also cool to flick through. Love the fact they even exist!
  7. Another delivery of goodies from CQBArcade.com: BEFORE: AFTER: Also grabbed both volumes of the "World of Balltops" book which is a Japanese doujin catalog of various balltops, past and present. And a bag of the SEGA Candy Cab wire clamps that were requested to be stocked by a member here. Really nice to have obscure genuine parts like that available, definitely going to grab another 20 or so of those as they really tidy things up "authentically".
  8. We no longer distribute or have anything to do, nor co-sign misteraddons or any of their products. Best to contact them direct.
  9. That flat screen Sony is actually a Wega SD and works with guns @xb74, got a beautiful Component picture, was my main screen before the PVMs.
  10. I kinda like the bulb just hanging there honestly… if I do see something interesting I’ll jump at it though. I think i have to replace the fitting to hold a cover…
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