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  1. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"medium","data-tempid":"temp_170482_1627878511805_254"}[/ATTACH] 583,449,810. Yes, DMD is very hard to read. I think alternative RGB values might fix it
  2. 171,800 Thanks for the work on the table Russ. Looks and sounds great
  3. Well done Kane, Russty & Mossie. Time just wasn't on my side this comp. Two of my fav tables were nominated too :cry Theatre of Magic and The Getaway. Oh well, hopefully life will find me less busy next comp
  4. Hey Dave, well I just completed building a shed to house it so hopefully now I can concentrate on the resto! :rolleyes
  5. Usually you can get into it with the delete key immediately after power on. You might see a message flash up fast saying “press Del to enter setup�. The F1 key is sometimes used as well. Power management or suspend mode is what you’ll want to get into in your BIOS
  6. I had a problem with my Pinscape board not responding after swapping between different tables. Not really the same problem you had but I managed to fix it by using a powered USB 2.0 hub. It seems like your system is going into some sort of sleep state and having VPX running doesn't stop it from happening yet attract mode does. Have you turned off all power and sleep settings in Windows and BIOS?
  7. So I take it that when the machine goes to sleep you can’t play a table without having to reboot?
  8. Those are awesome mate! Need a few of those 3D pictures for my shed
  9. Hi iborg, I’d love it thanks. Can pick up by Sat arvo. Will PM you
  10. Good review without any hyperbole and from the pic you’ve posted you know your stuff. I went all in on Sinden from the great reviews they were getting. Placed the order in October for two guns, recoil upgrade and two holsters. Not a cheap purchase at around $550 and still don’t have them yet. Hadn’t heard anything about gun4ir until very recently. Looks like I might be converting my Sindens to gun4ir setups. :o Interested to hear how your build goes, I started looking at parts to order yesterday to put into an old IR gun I had lying around
  11. First I’d heard of the gun4ir. Very interesting. Seems like they both have their pros and cons. Lots of cables and other issues with infra red but the Sinden has that border and software overhead. Be good to see some more reviews comparing both solutions side by side
  12. I think you should check out the Sinden light gun. I have two on order with recoil. They’re using new self developed tech which gives them the best accuracy currently available and the ability to work on all screen sizes and types without resorting to a light bar
  13. Looks like a fun project. All the best with it. Nice selection of other classic machines you have there too!
  14. 769,189,560 That's the spirit skids! Now my score doesn't look so crap! :lol
  15. Looks like you’ve done what you need to do but I just came across a video tonight explaining electrical discharge machining (EDM) with a home setup. Interesting stuff. You can drill holes in pretty much anything as long as it’s a conductor.
  16. Oh and as always, another big thank you to JAR for the time spent running this.
  17. Congrats Kane! Nice going Joe & Jed swordfight
  18. Thanks for those JAR. All good, at least you’ve given me a working version of the table now. Have come to like it! The version I ended up getting stuck with was getting a ball trapped pretty much every game.
  19. :unsure That's awesome! Would've made a great practical joke for April Fools' Day too. "Have you heard they've just released new floppy disks with much bigger capacities? No? Come check out the new 250 gig one I bought from Harvey Norman".:lol
  20. I just managed to overwrite the .vpx file with an older version that I already had.:realmad: The old version keeps getting balls stuck and has different playfield graphics. Now that vpinball.com has shutdown I can't download the competition version. Would someone be able to help a brother out please?
  21. Whoops, hit post. May as well play some pinball. Setting up a campsite in this weather wouldn’t be fun
  22. 1248030 Weather is crap and I’ve had to go get a Covid test
  23. Holee Sheet! Stop the comp immediately until Tcholeaway watches the movies! In Australia it would be considered child abuse to make it to the age of 15 and not have at least watched the first one. Belgium must have very lax ​child protection.
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