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  1. Any luck on getting these endorsed by IFPA? Looking forward to attending in any case, even if 9:30am starts means ow, my head!
  2. Hi John, As a doctor, I cannot believe the irresponsibility here. What social distancing measures will be in place? What Covid-safe actions are you taking to ensure that a pinball comp this early doesn't unravel all the hard work that some/most Queenslanders have put in. Pull your heads in mates. Postpone this. Seriously. Jonathan.
  3. One option instead of handicaps for keeping people around is to not have half your contestants drink until they're on half a leg slurring and making people feel generally uncomfortable. Some people are there to actually play pinball. It's not great, and makes the scene look like the idiots you see at a Friday afternoon in a crappy suburban pub.
  4. Hello because of my disdain for peer pressure and castration consider this my official entering of the tournament.
  5. After being chained to Michi I'm not sure anyone would ever want to come back... Edit: Any chance of the full results? Would be curious to see what ridiculous scores some people put up.
  6. Place me down for this, and I'll just hope my mother doesn't see this given it's her birthday.
  7. Place me down for now, but if you fill up and someone else wants in, take me out as I am not 100% sure I will be able to make it there.
  8. Mates I won't be able to make it. Miscommunication with the partner and she has made plans for dinner out... ..I know where I'd rather be.
  9. Any word on where will the comps in 6 and 7 March be? Looking at flights now to try and get some cheap ones!
  10. I'll be making the flight over next year, as there appears to be a lack of tall, obnoxious Polaks in the shenanigans over there.
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