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  1. As per the title- looking for a player's condition complete boardset. Any region or colour. Cheers
  2. I thought I'd put up a few tips I've learned when buying and installing cooling fans to save newbies (or those who should know better like me- but forgot!) from making mistakes. Please add to if you have anything else. 1/ Avoid 240v AC fans like the plague unless you have a very soundproof cabinet. They are stupidly loud. 2/ Small fans (under 70mm or so) usually run at 4-5000rpm and produce 30db of sound. I've found them to be too high pitched, and loud. 3/ A 120mm 12v DC fan which runs at 1000rpm and has a noise rating of 20db and delivers 1 cubic metre of air/minute is very quiet, particularly at the bottom rear of the cab, but doesn't really have the guts to push the air up high enough to the vents of a cocktail cab, lowboy or a large upright cab- particularly if there's a CRT in there. They might be alright for a barcade though. 4/ A 120mm 12V DC fan at 1500rpm with a noise rating of 25db which delivers 1.8 cubic metres of air/minute is a good choice for cocktails, lowboys and uprights. 5/ Using 2 120mm 12V DC quiet fans seems louder as the sound frequencies are out of sync with one another- well that's the best way I can describe it anyway. 6/ Position your fan(s) at the bottom rear of the cab and have your vents at the top rear. That way there's less chance of hearing the air flow as you play. 7/ Rubber mount the fans or their fasteners. 8/ If you can't feel air coming out of your vents with your hands or tape/streamers then your fan is insufficient or you've mounted it the wrong way around. Conversely a suitable fan will hold a piece of paper in vacuum against your inlet vent but hopefully won't be too loud.
  3. Sorry mate I can't remember his name. But he owns the shop.
  4. Give Burgies Burger bar and cafe in Dubbo a call on (02) 6885 2498. He had one a few years back in working condition that he wanted to sell.
  5. I was in at Highway yesterday and even though they weren't switched on they look to be a very well built machine (both the upright and the bar top version). The versatility is appealing. I would have loved to try a few games but they seemed to be head down, bum up when I was in there.
  6. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but we looked at the same idea and seriously considered a Dowmus composting toilet inside a cheap bunnings 1.5mx1.0m galvanised shed on a concrete slab. No plumbing etc. Just depends how 'rural' your block is and how close the neighbours are. They don't smell but people get funny just knowing you don't have a plumbed toilet.
  7. For anyone who hasn't read 1984, do yourself a favour and don't.
  8. WWF on here (and ebay) does MDF kits. I'm 3/4 through finishing mine. You could just glue it together, spray paint it matt black, add a 22"LCD 16:9 TV and throw in a playstation 2/3/4. Add a bosega "zero delay" encoder and a joystick and buttons and off you go.
  9. G'day mate- welcome. What era of games are you into?
  10. You certainly have a knack for choosing the right meme at the right time AK!
  11. They're becoming like boats- better off just making friends with someone who has one!
  12. Don't wish your life away is the advice to guys who are over the hill, but also don't work your life away. Hit 40 and vowed never to apply for a full-time job again- it's time you'll never get back and it's the time you need for hobby and family. Casual/part time work will save your soul
  13. Great game, good pick-up! I too love this era of games and the large machines. Sega was so ambitious. I guess there's not many around due to not fitting into most loungerooms. Wish I'd had a flat bed truck at some of those fire sales.
  14. How does Robotron and Galaga go on the multi boards?
  15. Cue picture of new owner sitting at the computer with a cheesy grin and Hawaiian shirt on, drinking a cocktail, half pissed.
  16. Great deal, that line is hard to spot. The scratches on my screen would cover that!
  17. I received a phone call this afternoon from a removalist/transport company in Western Australia about a baby pacman pinball machine that was to be delivered to me. Seeing I don't live in WA and I haven't bought one it seems someone has incorrectly put my phone number on the machine. Could you please inbox me if you are the buyer or seller of this machine so I can pass on the details to you. David and Saul were the only names/details on the paperwork, aside from my phone number.
  18. Haha- I don't have the MAME setup but I have a copy on the Playstation 2- I had a shot and wave 4 is it for me on there. I've read the console versions could be harder but I'm no expert! Best game ever I reckon.
  19. Best bet- pack it up properly and send it to Womble (if he has time to fix it)
  20. No worries. I also found a fat PAL console at a good price and snapped it up. The other one I had was a NTSC-J
  21. I ended up getting one pre loaded on a 8mb memory card, saves the hassle. Try eBay for $12 or so.
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