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  1. hello there anyone know of any delivery drivers that deliver pinballs/arcade machines to sth Australia from nsw?? thanks
  2. hey mate can you message me with friends number iam at forster and can have a look what hes got left,interested in pinball,uprite cabs etc,cash buyer cheers
  3. thanks i will check these tommorow. if the flipper relay clicks when q15 is grounded and after 6 flashes clicks on would the relay be bad still?
  4. space invaders your rite,was all working for the last mth.flippers stopped yesteday while playing just checked fuses all ok,correct voltages to coils ok.
  5. hello guys would a coin lockout solenold make all 4 flippers stop working,checked relay and q15 all are fine,found only lock out coil isnt working? got me stump'd,thanks for any help:)
  6. update,,machine is nearly finished and lookin fantastic thanks for askin,,cheers
  7. what do you guys use for a resettable circuit breaker?? is a 5 amp ok to test fuses on all pinnys??
  8. hey all gen ill buss??what does this mean on the ballys wiring manual,,is it for display globes illumination? cheers
  9. :) its a space invaders just want to place new globes and leds around it,cheers
  10. hey all just wanta know what size globes fit ballys,,are they 44 or 47 ,,,? cheers:)
  11. hey mate what did you use to clean the 6 digit score boards up with,,just not sure what to use,,cheers
  12. hey guys no worries all good i know u like a joke,,;)took ya advice as u all are the experts:) iam in nsw forster benpin,,thanks anyways,,,, ,i dropped the boards of to ken to be safe,,so thanks and i will now just begin cleaning the pinny up and polishing things,,cheers
  13. yes have done that,,,/ - - - Updated - - - lol,,iam not that bad,,,have had a few pinnys just not a techco;)
  14. hey there mate just got a ballys space invaders and want to convert to cool leds,,,maybe red in head board and some blues and greens maybe around play field,, what do u think cheers warwick
  15. thanks,,yeh not lookin at death yet,,,iam being careful,,,,,following the two ballys manual i have here,step by step, so where would you guys go from here??if i cannot run it how do i check tp points,? are those tp readings ok ?
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