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    The West Coast Pinball Festival is a fun community event held over 3-days in Perth, Western Australia focused on sharing the joy of playing pinball. With the rise of nostalgic arcade culture, pinball has experienced a massive worldwide resurgence over the past decade, including right here in Western Australia. Supported by some of the biggest names in pinball including Stern Pinball and Marco Specialties, as well as the local Aussies who tirelessly support the pinball community…we look forward to putting on a fantastic event for everyone to enjoy.
  2. We are just confirming all the final details with Ticketek, but at this stage we are only a week or so away from tickets going on sale :)
  3. Hey folks, With just under 8 weeks to go...we're currently seeking exhibitors to join us! Personal collectors and pinball enthusiasts are the driving force behind the West Coast Pinball Festival. Without personal collectors volunteering their machines and for exhibition, the event wouldn’t exist. Exhibit your machines to be in the running to win some amazing prizes, and advertise your machines for sale to the public. There are many benefits to being an exhibitor so to find out more checkout 👉 https://westcoastpinballfestival.com/exhibitors/
  4. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - NEW VENUE 2021 West Coast Pinball Festival will be hosted at RAC Arena 10 - 12 September @ RAC Arena Perth, Western Australia RAC Arena is the home of live entertainment in Western Australia, hosting the world's best live music, sport, family and comedy events each year. Centrally located within Perth City, the Arena provides the opportunity for those travelling from both near and far to attend the festival with ease and comfort. We were truly humbled by the community support we received and sold-out attendance at our inaugural festival in 2020 - just 2 weeks following easing of Covid lockdowns. This year we look forward to putting on an even bigger and better festival for the community to come along, have some fun and celebrate all things pinball. We look forward to welcoming everyone again this year, with some amazing surprises in store...and plenty of pinball machines! Like & Follow Us to keep updated, and keep and eye on our web site for more details as they're released westcoastpinballfestival.com
  5. Hi All, Looking for some Flintstones bowling pin targets, part # 01-12369 Cheers!
  6. Hey guys, I have a Neo Geo 4-slot Ive been cleaning up. 2 slots work fine and another 2are giving me trouble. I have cleaned the boards, carts, reseated connections and swapped carts around to confirm the issue is on the board and not the carts. Here's where I'm at... Slot 1 - cartridge not detected / no sound Slot 2 - works perfectly Slot 3 - works okay l but no sound Slot 4 - works perfectly Any guidance or direction would be much appreciated.
  7. Yeah, not available was pre-sold.
  8. Looking for a Stern Indiana Jones if there's anyone out there thinking of moving there's on. Any condition considered, please PM me with some details. Cheers.
  9. Looking for a Sega Baywatch if there's anyone out there thinking of moving there's on. Any condition considered, please PM me with some details. Cheers.
  10. Hi All, Chasing The Last Blade 2 NEO GEO MVS cartridge. English version please (not Japanese) Cheers :)
  11. Hi guys, Chasing after a piece of glass retainer channel for a Midway US-import cabinet. Not sure of the part number...if anyone has one of these laying around, or can advise the part number it would be appreciated. Cheers.
  12. Okay, thanks guys for getting in contact about the parts. I've just finished replying back to everyone with postage costs, if you haven't got a response yet, please send me a PM in case I've missed it somewhere. All items pending payment have been marked, all other items still available. Cheers!
  13. Hi folks, time for another clean-out. Pictures of all items are included and please note all items sold as-is, pictures form part of the descriptions. If you have any questions please ask, also happy to provide more pictures of specific items. DMD DISPLAYS 1. 128x16 Plasma DMD not working (does not power up) $20 - SOLD - 2. 128x16 Plasma DMD not working (powers up but garbled) $20 - SOLD - 3. 123x32 LED DMD as new removed from new Stern (tested and working) $200 5. 128x32 Plasma DMD working with some ghosting $150 6. 128x32 Plasma DMD working with faint ghosting $180 7. 128x32 Plasma DMD working with ghosting $150 BOARDS 8. WPC MPU Board not tested, repairs on back assume not working $30 - SOLD - 9. WPC MPU Board not tested, corrosion assume not working $30 - SOLD - 10. Williams System 9 MPU Board not tested, corrosion assume not working $40 - SOLD - 10-1. Data East Rope Lighting Interface Board damaged transistors (unsoldered) $5 PINBALL PARTS 11. Pinball 2000 launch ball button small chip/crack bottom right $5 12. Pinball 2000 flipper buttons set used by working $10 13. Led flipper buttons generic x8 in total different colors ac pictured (12v) $20 for all - SOLD - 14. Data East Star Trek ball launcher button & housing slightly cracked by okay $10 15. Bag of used flipper bats various condition $20 16. Flipper lane return guides x2 NEW $20 17. Red pop bumper caps x3 ysed $5 18. Bag used pop bumper parts $10 - SOLD - 19. Large bag used plastic posts $20 - SOLD - 20. Used flipper lane return guides x4 $5 21. Bag used flipper buttons x8 $5 - SOLD - 22. Bag used flipper mech parts $5 - SOLD - 23. Bag used red lane guides x5 $5 - SOLD - 24. Bag used clear lane guides x4 $3 25. Used Data East Star Trek drop targets $5 - SOLD - 26. Used but as-new red start button $5 27. Apollo 13 parts (ball save post & start turn handle) $2 28. Rollercoaster Tycoon slingshot plastics used but good condition $5 29. Shooters x3 various types $10 for all - SOLD - 30. Upkicker used parts $5 - SOLD - 31. Pop bumper caps NEW red opaque $10 32. ACDC Hells Bells cliffy NEW $10 33. Ghostbusters cliffys x2 NEW $10 - SOLD - 34. Ghostbusters soleri bros. cliffys x3 $10 - SOLD - 35. Safe Cracker flipper rubbers x2 $5 36. Gottlieb posts, small bag used $5 - SOLD - 37. High voltage backbox stickers x3 $5 for all 38. Data East headbox lock sticker $5 39. Creature from the Black Lagoon various spare used plastics and used whirlpool (cracked) $20 40. Cam locks x2 $5 - SOLD - 41. Terminator 3 used plastics (haven't checked but possibly a full set) $20 42. Walking Dead bicycle girl ramp airball protector (clear not blue as pictured - that's just the protecting wrap) $20 43. Creature from the Black Lagoon green mirror NEW $20 44. Red DMD filters x2 $10 for all 44-1. Rollercoaster Tycoon wireform ramps full set $50 LOCKDOWN BARS 45. Lockdown bar silver with stud marks $5 46. Lockdown bar black used $5 - SOLD - 47. Lockdown bar black (stern) good condition $20 - SOLD - 47-1. Lockdown bar Data East / Sega wide body NEW $40 OTHER PARTS 48. Data East side rails used $5 - SOLD - PINBALL LEG SETS 49. Reasonably good set in black (look to be Stern standard set) $20 - SOLD - 50. Pinball 2000 original set used $20 - PENDING PAYMENT - 51. Unknown black legs set $5 - PENDING PAYMENT - 52. Unknown black legs set (I think early Data East or Stern) $5 - PENDING PAYMENT - 53. Unknown black legs set (I think early Data East or Stern) $5 - PENDING PAYMENT - 54. Unknown silver legs set $5 - PENDING PAYMENT - 55. Unknown silver legs set $5 - SOLD - 56. Unknown silver legs set $5 - PENDING PAYMENT - I will ship using Sendle as it's a door to door service tracked (and often cheaper than Aust. Post). If you'd like a postage quote please PM with the items you're after and the full destination address. I'll mark items as PENDING while awaiting payment, and SOLD when payment received. I accept payment via paypal (preferred) or bank transfer. Cheers!
  14. Interested in a Big Buck Hunter World (Deluxe) if anyone has one and interested in selling. Please PM with details and photos preferably.
  15. Purchased these from the US a year or so ago, never used. STK391-020 Convergence ICs 6 in total for $50 inc. shipping australia wide
  16. Looking to add another machine or two to the collection, would be interested in a Lord of The Rings. Prefer the standard model not the Gold/LE edition. If anyone contemplating selling, please PM me.
  17. Hi All, Currently on the lookout for any of the following titles. - Mortal Kombat 2 - Street Fighter 2 - NBA JAM - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Simpsons - Terminator 2 If you have any of these or others, please send me a PM with some details and preferably photos as well. Thanks guys.
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any spare parts from a Silent Scope? I'm chasing a spare bracket that goes over when the gun bolts to the main unit - see pic...the bracket I need is circled in red. Also if anyone has a spare blue plastic cover that goes over the cabinet under the gun Thanks guys.
  19. Chasing some #86 globes for a Creature from the Black Lagoon. Need a dozen or so if anyone has any spare? Thanks
  20. I just saw that one posted, already gone. 😭
  21. Legend, thanks mate. Will PM you now �
  22. Anyone got a set of speaker grills from a creature?
  23. Hey guys, Has anyone got a spare ColorDMD they aren't using they want to sell? Getting a few machines ready for the festival over here in Perth and short a colorDMD. Cheers.
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