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  1. Chasing a spare sound Amp board for a Sega Rally. Part number is 838-11650-01 If you have a spare and willing to part with, please PM me. Cheers.
  2. Did you have any luck? 🤷‍♂️
  3. Niiice...the one on the right looks same type. What's the one on the left? Mine doesnt have that board 😅
  4. Hi All, After some Sega Naomi sound boards. Only tested working boards please, see pics for example. 1. Bass Amp Sound Board 2. Sound Amp Board
  5. Good point. Its an Entron 999A. On the chassis where power input is states 110V-220V
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'm keeping the wiring that's good but changing most the connectors, because while it's in bits...why not. The AC power for tge CRT chassis (2 red wires) coming from the transformer...how do I know which to use as Active and Neutral? Both are red with no markings?
  7. Hey guys, Have an old woodgrain LAI lowboy that someone has previously made a real mess of the wiring, so I'm trying to fix it all up, tidy it up and get it going again. Spent the better part of last night on this, and got most of the wiring back to how it should be with new connectors and any dodgy (or missing) wiring replaced. Here's a few questions I have about some things that still need attention. 1 - power for monitor chassis...I've got the AC input line coming off the chasis but goes nowhere (wire is just loose not connected to anything). From the transformer at the back I noticed 2 red cables not connected to anything, would it be safe to assume this is meant to be for the chassis? 2 - LAI / Jamma connector - should I remove this entirely and just wire it up for Jamma or leave as it? (It's one of the original upwards facing connectors inside the coin door) 3 - AC power for the power supply - it's loose not connected, no connector just wires. Assuming this needs a new 3-pin connector and plugged into the power distribution box (or whatever the correct term is?) If anyone also has any pics of the wiring inside their old LAI woodgrain lowboys it would really help me check everything over and see if there's anything else funky going on in here. Any other tips or things to check please let me know...not worked on one of these before.
  8. Yeah thought about that, but there is a lot of difference between both sizes. It's not just a bit loose, it completely falls out...so trying to see if 16mm with the larger tongue.
  9. Hey guys, Im chasing some 16mm yellow T Moulding that has about the same depth as the 19mm. I purchased 20m of this assuming it was a standard depth but seems the 16mm I purchased is too shallow and doesnt bite enough to stay in place. Any suggestions?
  10. Yes, sent Jeff a message. Hopefully he'll have some left 😬
  11. Also chasing a set of Williams System 11 legs (28-1/2") if anyone has a spare set laying around they aren't using. Prefer new or as-new condition please. Cheers!
  12. Hi guys, Chasing a new set of side rails for a Sys 3 if anyone has a spare set they're happy to sell. Thanks.
  13. until
    The West Coast Pinball Festival is a fun community event held over 3-days in Perth, Western Australia focused on sharing the joy of playing pinball. With the rise of nostalgic arcade culture, pinball has experienced a massive worldwide resurgence over the past decade, including right here in Western Australia. Supported by some of the biggest names in pinball including Stern Pinball and Marco Specialties, as well as the local Aussies who tirelessly support the pinball community…we look forward to putting on a fantastic event for everyone to enjoy.
  14. We are just confirming all the final details with Ticketek, but at this stage we are only a week or so away from tickets going on sale :)
  15. Hey folks, With just under 8 weeks to go...we're currently seeking exhibitors to join us! Personal collectors and pinball enthusiasts are the driving force behind the West Coast Pinball Festival. Without personal collectors volunteering their machines and for exhibition, the event wouldn’t exist. Exhibit your machines to be in the running to win some amazing prizes, and advertise your machines for sale to the public. There are many benefits to being an exhibitor so to find out more checkout 👉 https://westcoastpinballfestival.com/exhibitors/
  16. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - NEW VENUE 2021 West Coast Pinball Festival will be hosted at RAC Arena 10 - 12 September @ RAC Arena Perth, Western Australia RAC Arena is the home of live entertainment in Western Australia, hosting the world's best live music, sport, family and comedy events each year. Centrally located within Perth City, the Arena provides the opportunity for those travelling from both near and far to attend the festival with ease and comfort. We were truly humbled by the community support we received and sold-out attendance at our inaugural festival in 2020 - just 2 weeks following easing of Covid lockdowns. This year we look forward to putting on an even bigger and better festival for the community to come along, have some fun and celebrate all things pinball. We look forward to welcoming everyone again this year, with some amazing surprises in store...and plenty of pinball machines! Like & Follow Us to keep updated, and keep and eye on our web site for more details as they're released westcoastpinballfestival.com
  17. Hi All, Looking for some Flintstones bowling pin targets, part # 01-12369 Cheers!
  18. Hey guys, I have a Neo Geo 4-slot Ive been cleaning up. 2 slots work fine and another 2are giving me trouble. I have cleaned the boards, carts, reseated connections and swapped carts around to confirm the issue is on the board and not the carts. Here's where I'm at... Slot 1 - cartridge not detected / no sound Slot 2 - works perfectly Slot 3 - works okay l but no sound Slot 4 - works perfectly Any guidance or direction would be much appreciated.
  19. Yeah, not available was pre-sold.
  20. Looking for a Stern Indiana Jones if there's anyone out there thinking of moving there's on. Any condition considered, please PM me with some details. Cheers.
  21. Looking for a Sega Baywatch if there's anyone out there thinking of moving there's on. Any condition considered, please PM me with some details. Cheers.
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