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  1. @con is that another word for crap cabinet ? 😂 oh well - surely still worth a pickup for $200?
  2. Thanks again! hopefully picking it up this week after I organise transport. I got a decent deal (I think) if he sticks to his word I’ll try some basic stuff on the boards but failing that will sell them for someone to salvage as I can’t see myself finding what’s needed... not to mention I don’t have other boards to swap with.
  3. @mrjamma Must have missed the cab - seems to be some type of generic cabinet, removable back and some heavy metal handles on the back for moving it. I think, given all the fact I don't even have spare boards that i'll leave this one, appreciate all the replies.
  4. Hi - I've got an opportunity to pickup a SF2 : Hyper Arcade, I'm not sure if they are original boards - they look it to me, but I guess if you are making counterfeits they are going to look close to the originals! A pinball guy here so a bit lost - Anyway It seemed to turn on fine and boot however it did seem that their was graphic corruption (which I've read isn't that unusual) Few questions which would help : Is this an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing? Do the boards scream fake or counterfeit based on the pictures, warranty stickers and overall age of the machine? The rolling issue sorted itself out after 5 minutes, I was looking for a V-Hold or similar but couldnt see one - I presume this is likely tube related and just needed some warming up or similar? (it held once it had been on for a bit) Is it worth picking up if the price is right? $300-$400? Even if I swapped the boards out with a mullticade and found a better cabinet to house these in down the track? just throwing some ideas around. Appreciate any replies Edit - The monitor / tube is a KZ-20EN e
  5. So i picked up a Bally Lost World for next to nothing, I'm at a bit of a crossroad going forward, I really like the look of this machine art wise.... The good -> The playfield is in what i would class as reasonable condition for its age vs some others I have seen GI fired up The boards that are there look tidy as does all wiring throughout didn't see any hack jobs Cabinet is solid other then the backbox peel, and what is shown in the photos The Bad -> No MPU Cabinet is in OK condition Two score displays weren't functioning (swapped in and out with others and never lit up indicating power) It's going to take some hard work to get that rust off those legs unless I can find replacements The back of the headbox is starting to peel Backglass may as well not be there (I've kept what I can) I'm really in two minds what to do going forward here, at a minimum at the moment I would be up for a) NOS Backglass ($450) b) Alltek MPU ($300) c) minimum two score displays ($200) d) flipper needs work on the left I'll admit I'm a beginner to this, I last did Fishtales and made a bit of profit from it however was experimenting as a first time around. If this was a different title then Lost World it would be an easy choice, part of me wants to take on the challenge and breathe new life into this game, part of me says I should just sell it as a project, cash in the difference and put it towards another pin. My Plan currently > Borrow an Alltek MPU, see how the rest of the game functions and make a call from there, I'm toying with the idea of using this as half a learning experience, which means attempting a cabinet restore etc, I figure I'm in for practically nothing at the moment, If I screw it up I sell it onward as a project. If I can't borrow an MPU then possibly buy one and look to sell as part of the project, I can't really test a whole lot more without it. Love to hear your thoughts on my salvage yard score and where you would take it from here if anywhere. .
  6. Thanks mate. Or should I just go the CPR route ?? Thought someone may have a rough one laying around a bit cheaper - probably unlikely though https://classicplayfields.com/shop/pinball-backglasses/lostworld-2/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Picked up a lost world with flaked back glass today - probably a long shot but throwing it out there anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Cheers Jono - I can see myself being stuck with half a caster for about 5 years though !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’m sure it’s a pretty slim chance but throwing it out there just in case..... Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Price Drop to 10K Let me know if you want better photos or any photos of specifics. Welcome to inspect and have a game. Cheers
  11. argh crap - are they transferable if somone cannot make it for any reason? if so id love to go the waiting list :)
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