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  1. Interesting read... https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/masked-ball-cowardice
  2. Not sure if this is "of interest". ? ... :3 . I didn't like it much but ...
  3. https://odysee.com/@FRAGPinball:3/RaMPinballSpooky-3pGame:c Just an average 3 player game. We get to some interesting mode combinations Lol Cracking game, hasn't got much of a rest since it arrived!
  4. Anyone see the welcome video? 3m50s https://odysee.com/@caryhardy:0/pinball-omnibus-episode-7:0 I tried not to take the suggestion of cringe ... but ... lol 😬
  5. I think brick city is about any pinball game .... first ball. :unsure Is for me anyway Lol Meant to be a Danger stream within days aparently. That will give more idea I think.
  6. https://odysee.com/@FRAGPinball:3/UltraSpooky:a Ultraman early gameplay ...
  7. Okay, checked AA on my android moby (firefox, "remember me" logged in) and was automatically redirected to the new platform, where the original tab had the old VB5AA. Then my login wouldn't log me in. Went to desktop, this is still the VB5 forum loading here. Logged out to see what would happen. Came to old site as guest. Logged in again still VB5. Now here recording what went on. (: *Sounds like I'll just check back lateron.
  8. I went there and tried to sign in, it did not accept my email and password ... so I didn't continue playing any further as yet.
  9. Where the rubber hits the road. Your life is in their hands!
  10. How about that, science can be funny. Who would have thunk it lol
  11. Very interesting interview. There definitely are some nuggets of wisdom in there, however true the hearsay might be. Watched the whole thing, was worth it.
  12. Indeed sorry I messed it up. I think I got it fixed now. Thanks! https://superawesomepinballshow.libsyn.com/the-super-awesome-pinball-show-ep-27-halloweenultraman
  13. This was from the day before sale, I had missed it. https://superawesomepinballshow.libsyn.com/the-super-awesome-pinball-show-ep-27-halloweenultraman Was hoping there might be some tid bits for future releases. None really stood out. I may have missed something. Spooky; Bug, Chuck and Jason the artist. In detail about the two games.
  14. 2032 internal combustion powered vehicles will easily still be in production the way it looks to me, if you count SUVs as "passenger vehicles". But regardless I'd still say pretty likely smaller passenger vehicles as well anyway. Depends alot how long the false economy nonsense propagates for before it implodes upon itself Lol Probably depends a fair bit on how ww 3 pans out though too doesn't it?. I wouldn't presume to be able to predict that, so mine is still only a vague guess at best anyway, really.
  15. More like trying to apply a Deadpool update to a Jurassic Park. Sad face. Based on what happened to my RaM (catatonic ssd) you would need the SSD image of the other game, and a separate SSD. Spooky had to post me a new drive as the basis of it could not be provided remotely. You won't be able to apply a Ultraman 'update' to a Halloween SSD without things going pearshaped some way bad. If you got hold of an Ultraman SSD image put it on a drive and put into your Halloween, that would be analagous to the example quoted above. There may well be things that still differ, and don't make sense... even though it functions. This bit I wouldn't be as sure about not working. It might work if the physical games are enough the same.
  16. But that would require thinking and working things out based on observation and reason!?... might be too much for many by the direction things are heading, fair to say. Too many people have an obsession with not being wrong, and pretending to themselves that silencing other perspectives is somehow 'science'. Nature is nature, or is that nurture?... Jokes on them by the end. Not that it's funny. :confused: Perhaps go check again with your favorite source of misinformation. Plenty to choose from. Few check if it's faulty or valid. Being wrong, too hard for many to admit, easier just to be oblivious and have 'blind faith' ... for a number of reasons.
  17. I paid Spooky basically 8k US for my RaM, options, and shipping. Total cost for all including bill and slevbros, landed to my house in SA was 12.5k. When I paid spooky my rate was about 73 cents for a dollar best I can recall.
  18. Not correct for spooky's new framework. They are using individual LED boards like with RaM and TNA except instead of individually addressable they are serial daisychain, running from Pinotaur. This means one LED out, replace one LED. I think driver transistors on pinotaur may also be replacable. The new system also has improved protection from what I can gather. This all leads to the much less wiring as seen in the under playfield shot. TNA and RaM are a birdsnest, they seem to have "serially addressed" that. Lol
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